Quick Check loan application and requirements

Quick Check loan application and requirements

We want to present you Quick Check loans application. This is another great way to borrow some extra money just with the help of your smartphone. It is not hard to open the account and get the funds. Read on for more details.

Quick Check loan application and requirements

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Main characteristics and benefits of quick check loan application

Quickcheck loan app is a modern online platform for small business and individuals. The application uses modern mobile technology to give everyone the ability to receive financial credit without any difficulties. Users easily can get hassle-free and quick loans of up to N30,000.

Any person may need some extra money, for example, to pay medical bills, tuition fees, some financial obligation, or unexpected cash problems. The Quickcheck app can have your back if you need to get some small loan in Nigeria. One can also recharge airtime with the help of the application.

Quickcheck loan app is a Nigerian Fintech Startup, the primary aim of the project is to provide convenient banking services to users. Among the main benefits of the application we can see:

  • The project is leading by young entrepreneurs who are full of enthusiasm and want to make a differences in the world.
  • The team consists of international specialists. There are global companies among the partners of Quickcheck project. Such partnership provides the team with experience, knowledge, and infrastructure to work with global financial technology market.
Quick Check loan application and requirements

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  • The team of the project is resourceful and able to solve any problem. The startup was established with taking into account the experience of partners.
  • The application uses machine learning in order to evaluate loan applications and predict user behavior.

At present there are two primary functions of the application:

  • The application provides instant loans

You just need to fill the form and machine learning algorithms will do all the rest. The app is ready to give N30,000 and the interest rate is as low as 1% per day. Approval can be done in less than 24h.

  • The application allows to recharge airtime

Just use the QuickCheck app to buy airtime at any time, and you don’t need any additional applications for it.

Quick check loan Nigeria requirements and conditions

  • Anyone can use the application on any Android device.
  • The first step is to download the application from Google Play store.
Quick Check loan application and requirements

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  • After installing the app, sign in with the help of your Facebook page, email address, and password.
  • Use a slider to choose the sum of credit, the purpose and loan tenor.
  • Submit the application and get the answer immediately.

First-time users can borrow up to N10,000 for the maximum period - 30 days. If a user pays the loan in time, the possibility to take the bigger sum of money increases. The service is available not only in Lagos but all over Nigeria. Quickcheck at the present time works only with Android devices.

Some account operation details:

  • The app requires your bank account details, it helps to give you the funds in a much faster term.
  • A user should provide BVN for verification of his or her personal details. The administration of app project checks the bank details of the user. See also: Where can I borrow money online in Nigeria?
  • A user needs to set up his or her debit/ATM card to receive funds from the Quickcheck loan app. Add the card in a card section of the account. Remember that obligation sum can be deducted from your card at the end of loan term. A user should have at least N100 on the card to setup it in Quickcheck account.
Quick Check loan application and requirements

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  • A user can receive a credit from the app within 24 hours of approval.

There are also reasons why your loan application can be rejected;

  1. Lack of provided information on the applicant's account;
  2. The applicant doesn't meet the lending criteria of the company;
  3. The applicant did not repay his or her previous loan in time.

Note, that there is no need to submit any documents, but you have to provide bank card details. Users can easily repay the loan by Debit card, Bank Transfer/Cash deposit, or with the help of USSD code: *402*00100834*amount#

This is the way of work, the conditions of usage are convenient, and the service is available for everyone, so try it!

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