Benefits of waterleaf to the body

Benefits of waterleaf to the body

Waterleaf is also called Efo Gure in Yoruba Language. It is very popular in Nigeria, people grow the plant during the whole year no matter what season it is. They do this, because they know about invaluable health benefits of waterleaf.

Benefits of waterleaf to the body

Waterleaf or botanically Talinum triangulare is a leafy vegetable that belongs to the Portulacea family. Its motherland is West Africa, but now, it can be found also in Asia and South America.

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Its name speaks for itself – waterleaf contains approximately 90.8 g water per 100 gm of the leaf. The liquid inside is sticky due to the high content of pectin.

The recipes that Nigerian people use are simple: vegetable soups with waterleaf and juice made from the plant. Also it is okay to eat it raw.

Benefits of waterleaf

Waterleaf has advantages for the human health due to having the following components:

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  • Vitamin A

It is widely known for its benefits for eyes, skin and hair.

  • Vitamin C

It is a great antioxidant and a soldier that protects our immune system.

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These vitally important vitamins have to be received by our organism every day.

  • Iron

This is of a great importance for blood creation. As a result, blood carries oxygen and the body gets energy.

  • Calcium

Strong bones and healthy teeth.

  • Alkaloids

These components are dangerous in great amounts. But in tiny doses alkaloids can have a pharmacological effect on animals and people.

What you need to do - is to put the waterleaf into the blender and you will receive all the benefits of waterleaf juice. Do not hesitate adding your favorite juices, fruits or vegetables to make the taste of waterleaf juice better.

Benefits of waterleaf to the body
  1. Waterleaf is a very strong antioxidant due to containing vitamins that fight free radicals.
  2. It helps in preventing atherosclerosis. This disease appears when fat begins accumulating in artery walls. Waterleaf decreases the fat level.
  3. It makes your blood better. Creation of blood clots or in other words thrombus can lead to the fatal consequences. One of the benefits of waterleaf is preventing thrombus.
  4. Waterleaf decreases blood pressure.
  5. Lack of the vitamin C is dangerous not only for our immune system, but also for our eyes. Its deficiency can lead to cataract, that in some cases ends in blindness. This awful disease can be prevented by including waterleaf plant into meals.
  6. Besides cataract prevention, benefits of waterleaf in general are important for our eyes.
  7. One of the most spread disease – cancer, can be prevented by eating (or drinking if you like juices) the waterleaf plant. It is helpful in inhibiting and preventing the emergence of DNA that spreads cancer cells in organs such as lung, colon, breast, cervical, prostate and liver.
  8. High level of cholesterol can cause different heart diseases and stroke. Health benefits of waterleaf juice are in lowering the cholesterol and saving you from problems with heart.
  9. Osteoporosis appears when the bones lack calcium. Eating calcium-containing products like waterleaf helps to prevent osteoporosis and strengthen your bones and teeth.
  10. Benefits of waterleaf are so numerous! Do you know that human brain should have 20% of blood oxygen for optimal work? Iron in food we eat makes active not only your body, but also your brain. Iron being a constituent of waterleaf, brings oxygen to your muscles and brain giving you physical and mental health.
  11. Stress level reducing is one of the benefits of waterleaf juice. The plant decreases the level of cortisol (stress hormone). So you’d better cook some waterleaf juice and relax.
  12. No stress, but only bad mood? Waterleaf will also help you! Adding waterleaf into your diet regularly, you will become more stable and insensitive to unpleasant life trifles. Nothing will spoil your mood!

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Benefits of waterleaf
Source: UGC

Beauty hacks with waterleaf

Vitamin C makes your skin look fresh, young and smooth. Moreover, vitamin C helps to produce hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, which in their turn take part in collagen creation. And as you know, collagen - is building material for wrinkle-free elastic skin.

Benefits of waterleaf play a great role in protecting DNA from photochemical reactions which can become the reason for skin discoloration, tumour, and some types of skin cancer. Vitamin C prevents the creation of pyrimidine, which is the main cause of melanoma.

One more curing effect of vitamic C in waterleaf is that it helps to heal wounds and even old scars.

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