Opinion: Now that they have left the APC by Muhammad Malumfashi

Opinion: Now that they have left the APC by Muhammad Malumfashi

Editor's note: Muhammad Malumfashi, a staunch Buharist, has written on the recent defection of lawmakers of the upper and lower chambers from All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Malumfashi says the ruling party might be lucky that no more than three state governors will be leaving the party, but it will haunt them big even after the 2019.

In 2014, the nPDP triggered the collapse of the then mighty ruling party, the PDP. A huge factor that contributed to that was the decamping of 5 governors to the APC. Politically what happened wasn’t a total endorsement of Buhari’s APC but a clear rejection of Jonathan’s PDP.

Most of the nPDP except Rotimi Amaechi, Jummai Alhassan and quite few have been made to go back to opposition, with their party structure being somehow illegally dissolved, men replaced and even accused of corruption in office.

Bamanga Tukur, the PDP chairman arrogantly dismissed the threats of the governors, something years later the APC national chairman John Oyegun didn’t stop from happening, couple with President Buhari’s I don care attitude to his party’ internal politics, it made the situation so bad and late for the new APC Chairman Oshiomhole to deal with.

APC might be lucky that no more than three state governors will be leaving the party, but it will haunt them big even after the 2019.

When you look at the recent members decamping, they have one thing in common, they have fallen apart with their state governors and may never get a return ticket in 2019, and this is the situation in almost all the States but Kwara.

The lucky ones may get a ticket in the PDP they have returned to. The President hasn’t helped matters at all by not wading into the crisis, neither did he try to stop his temporary friends from becoming his enemies once again. It may not really hurt him much!

In Kwara State where the Senate President comes from, he has been in one court or the other simply because of the position he occupies, he and the President have never been comfortable in the same party, the machineries at the Presidency have been busy fighting Saraki while his NASS has done it’s all to fight back. Buhari may have never in any way fight Saraki, exactly he has never done nothing to save him.

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Though he is still in the APC, but the game shows that once the PDP have the official majority in NASS, he will leave the APC, fight back dirty this time, then try to win 2019.

I believe, the defecting members from Kwara have future in the NASS as far as Sarakism is concerned. This totally is not the case in Jigawa, Bauchi, Kaduna and even Kano. The Speaker of the lower chamber Dogara, for some reasons have a lot more to do in Bauchi State.

Anyway, the real fight is not against Buhari but against the APC, even with such collision, it will be very difficult to vote out Buhari in 2019. It will be more difficult for the APC to remain at the center after 2019. It will be an eye-opener to 2023!

There are men of principle, but there is no party of principle – A. D Tocqueville

Kwankwasiyya: The big fight in Kano and may be Nigeria?

Kwankwaso unlike Saraki may find troubles in Kano and the PDP. Kwankwaso and Arch-rival Shekarau uniting under the same party and ganging up to beat Ganduje and Buhari is one thing nobody ever imagined few years back in Nigerian politics.

Months back I wrote here advising Kwankwaso not to leave the APC. In what looks like a forced marriage, the former governor decided to go back to his home even after meeting with Mr. President hours earlier.

With Atiku in the PDP for over half a year before Kwankwaso, it means the former VP is a bit ahead in the race (well that didn’t stop him from trailing behind Kwankwaso in the APC primaries).

Over 70-year-old Atiku who Kwankwaso met a while ago is serious about his ambition in 2019. Shekarau, Turaki, and even Lamido and Makarfi who have never left the PDP may settle for a consensus for the party presidential primaries if it won’t favor them.

It’s not a secret that the PDP will need someone with the money of Atiku and the following of Kwankwaso to stand a chance against Buhari and his APC next year. At the end, the primaries may be against Kwankwaso and Atiku once again who contested against each other in a different party in December 2014.

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In Kano, Shekarau may settle for a Senatorial ticket, replacing Kwankwaso who seems not bothered by the Senate anymore, this looks like his best option even though no one is talking about it, Shekarau who commands large followers will easily beat anyone Ganduje’s APC field to represent Central Kano.

With Shekarau and Kwankwaso massive support, the PDP stand a good chance of defeating Ganduje. If Kwankwaso isn’t able to secure the hot seat, or even the PDP ticket, he will be feared more in Nigerian politics, if he at least unseat the man he brought to power in Kano.

Then he Kwankwaso, will be where Buhari was in 2011 and may be closer to the Villa.

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