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Ruggedman blasts ACP Shogunle for saying he has abandoned the #EndSARS movement

Ruggedman blasts ACP Shogunle for saying he has abandoned the #EndSARS movement

Nigerian rapper Ruggedman has called out Yomi Shogunle, the assistant commissioner of police, after he claimed that the rapper had abandoned the end Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (#EndFSARS) movement.

The #EndFSARS movement began after Nigerians started making complains and sharing their experience on the officers of how Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad treat Nigerians. There were claims the officers would pick up young Nigerians for no reason, confiscate their properties and even beat them up.

Yomi Shogunle had shared a video on his Instagram page claiming that the rapper abandoned the movement to join the #ReformSARS.

Shogunle said: "BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian celebrity @ruggedybaba endorse Federal SARS. The Abia State born rapper today decamped from #EndSARS party and joined #ReformSARS party."

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Ruggedman, however, dismissed the claims, saying he would always support the #EndFSARS movement until the government reforms and reorients the force.

In the video, the rapper could be heard telling Nigerians the difference between the real officers of the force and the ones who are committing crimes against Nigerians. He revealed that officers all have a red scorpion on their uniforms with tag numbers.

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Watch video below:

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"Officer @yomishogunle I have heard about how incompetent and dubious you are but this disgraceful act of yours takes the cake.

This baseless and fabricated post of yours just goes to show you are a shameless liar and a disgrace to the @nigeriapoliceforce

Since you obviously do not respect the uniform you wear, the innocent people being brutalised daily i never expected you to respect me.

I see your pathetic comments trying to ridicule people who used to come to you for help and I always thought you were a disgrace to that position.

Now I am certain you are.

Do not ever in your life post anything I never said to you about me or on my behalf.

I would have said you take it down but I know my post will reach more people and it will expose you for the lying,decietful and disrespectful man you are. NIGERIANS I AM ALL FOR #endsars until the force is reformed and reorientated on how to treat people as the humans they are."

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