The founder of Helping Hands International

The founder of Helping Hands International

We all heard about Helping hands international H2i, but do we know much about the founder of the organization? In this article, we will tell you the main known facts about Luzviminda Mac-Elvis - the CEO of this company.

Founder of helping hands international


So, who is the founder of helping hands international?

The founder of the Helping hands international Luzviminda Mac-Elvis was born into a low-income family in Angels City in the Philippines. Fortunately, she got the ability to go to school in Japan. After some years she started her own business and created her five different network companies. She has always had a desire to help others. Luzviminda was involved in humanitarian services, but she wanted to do more.

Friends and colleagues supported her, so Luzviminda started to think over the system where anyone around the world could partner the helping program. Together with her friend and Co-founder of Helping hands international Dr. Ramiel Policarpio, they developed a special compensation plan of the organization. The history of Helping hands international started in 2010 when people began to realize their dream of helping people.

Founder of helping hands international


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The company developed all around the world, and in 2013 Mrs. Mac-Elvis visited Lagos to open the first official office of Helping hands international Nigeria.

Now the organization works in such countries as: Cambodia, Kenya, Indian, Pakistan and Nigeria. See also Top 5 philanthropists in Nigeria.

Luzviminda Mac-Elvis says about her work: “My vision is to help the helpless and empower the weak, helping hands international is my vision, and with it, we shall change the world one at a time. We shall appreciate if we are given an opportunity to meet you for in-depth knowledge of this beautiful zero-risk program.

Helping hands international mission

Helping hands international is a charity organization, but it works as a membership program. Among the main ideas of the organization, we can see such slogans:

  • ”Help us to help others.”
  • ”Save the world.”
Founder of helping hands international


The services of the organisation include:

  1. Humanitarian services
  2. Asset and Property support Services
  3. Trade and skill acquisition Services
  4. Financial Empowerment Services
  5. Scholarship Award Services

This is all that is known about Mrs. Mac-Elvis at this time, we'll continue to research this topic, so wait for new publications.

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