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How to make artificial dreadlocks in Nigeria

How to make artificial dreadlocks in Nigeria

Dreadlocks hairstyle is one of the most popular hair options among Africans. This style shows a strong spirit and authenticity of black culture. What if you are keen more on the idea of artificial dreadlocks as opposed to the real ones for some reasons? Keep reading our post below to learn how to make artificial dreadlocks in Nigeria.

How to make artificial dreadlocks in Nigeria

Artificial dreadlocks in Nigeria: impact and popularity

Many people are asking: which dreadlocks are more reliable, natural or artificial ones, and which ones to choose? There are some factors why certain people would prefer the natural dreadlocks to the artificial ones and vice versa. We can list some of them:

  • Authenticity – there is a stigma against the fake things, that is why many people choose the real ones. They will not have to tell people that these dreadlocks are artificial when asked. Though for some people, it does not hold such a significant meaning, and they can confess without problems that their dreadlocks are not real or avoid this question.
  • Variety of colors – the perk of synthetic dreadlocks is that they come in various colors, and almost every color of the rainbow is available. Same with the traditional colors, which are blonde, brown, black and red – you can find them among the synthetic dreadlocks and experiment with them as you want. That is why artificial dreadlocks are a really popular choice among Nigerians.
  • Instant gratification – the synthetic dreadlocks have one important benefit, which is the instant gratification of the hair. You can spend months on twisting your hair into full long dreadlocks, and some people are actually unable to wait for such a long time. Perhaps you have plans for the nearest weekend – a party or vacation? You can effectively turn to the synthetic dreadlocks and be ready on time.
  • Natural look - of course, the real dreadlocks would have a more natural look to them than the synthetic ones, and this plays a great role for some people. Sometimes, if you look closely, you can tell when the dreads are synthetic and when they are real. Just like with the aspect of authenticity, some people pay little to no attention to these things – besides, some of the synthetic dreads almost look like real ones.
  • Washing – the benefit of synthetic dreads is that they can be washed just like normal ones, with the addition of shampoo and conditioner. However, sometimes frequent washing can cause frizzing. This is why you have to remember that the ideal solution would be washing synthetic dreads once or twice a week, just to avoid the frizzing problem that no one wants with their hairstyle.
  • Longevity – the synthetic dreadlocks have a really short lifespan. If you have the natural ones, you can wear them for years, which is not the case with the artificial ones. Also, leaving them in your hair for too long can cause damage to your real locks. But they are perfect for short-term occasions!

All in all, the artificial dreadlocks are a real gift to those people who do not want to gather their real hair in dreadlocks, but at the same time would like to experience this hairstyle temporarily. Now, we will move on to the main topic of our article – how to make artificial dreadlocks. Our effective tutorial will help you to create amazing dreadlocks and proudly wear them.

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Dreadlocks in Nigeria

How to make fake dreadlocks: tutorial for everyone

We hope that this instruction will teach you how to make your own beautiful artificial dreadlocks and attach them to your hair. Our tutorial will cover everything, starting with your necessary materials and ending with the full explanation of how to create a beautiful dreadlock hairstyle.

The materials that you will need are:

  • The regular comb – you can use the simple one or the metal one, it depends on your preferences.
  • The bag of synthetic hair – the best choice would be kanekalon fiber locks, which you can purchase on the internet or in any Nigerian beauty store.
  • You will also need something that you will wrap up your artificial hair around. Usually, the most comfortable thing for it is a hanger put through the back of the chair, because you can use its hook for these purposes. If you have no chair with holes, you can use the alternate solution – hold the hanger with the help of your foot, using the hook in this way.

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Girl with dreads

Creating artificial dreadlocks

  1. Take off the section of synthetic hair that will be your material to work with. It depends how much hair you will have to take – consider which would be the perfect length of your resulting dreadlock. Another important factor is your own hair length. As for the thickness, usually, the pencil-thick dreads are enough. Most often, it is difficult to estimate how many dreadlocks can be made out of the bag of kanekalon, but it varies from one person to another.
  2. If you want to create long dreadlocks, you can leave your section the way it is. In case you would like the shoulder-length dreadlocks, you are advised to cut it in half. Finally, if you need the short dreadlocks, it is recommended to cut your section in half, and afterwards cut it in half again.
  3. As for the size, it varies whether you like long or short, thick or thin dreads. It fully depends on you, your hair and your personal preference.
  4. The next step would be hooking the synthetic lock around the hanger. You will have to wrap the piece of hair around the hook – you should do it the way you make the ends even with one another. Then, just tie your piece of hair around the hook. Try not to do it very tight, because this would be the base for making the loop for your hair to go through.
  5. Now, the most fun part of the process starts. The most significant part of making dreads is backcombing them. If you backcomb the dread poorly, it has a high chance to fall apart. The more you pack your dread, the better it will be.
  6. Start at the top using your comb and then brush your hair backwards. You do not have to do it very tightly for the first time. Your hair lock has to start looking ratted and snarly.
  7. Now, start packing it from the top. Pack it to the top, tie the knot, and work the way down your hair by ratting it more tightly.
  8. When you finish, you will have to continue backcombing your hair until you reach the tail end of your dread. It is normal if some hair comes out in the end – just throw these hairs away. In case you are able to hold your dread straight out on the side, and you see it sticking straight out, you have done an amazing job.
  9. Congratulations! Now you have a beautiful artificial dreadlock. When you master this skill, you can move on to the next dreads, and soon you will create a lot of them and attach them to your hair. You can experiment however you want with the colors and length of your dreadlocks. This process will be a lot of fun, and it will not take you a lot of time.

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Pretty dreads

Now you know how to make artificial dreadlocks without any extra effort. We wish you to have a good time in the process, and create an unforgettable hairstyle for yourself!

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