MTN internet bundles for mobile phones

MTN internet bundles for mobile phones

Are you looking for MTN subscription in 2018? Maybe you are already subscribed and looking for the best MTN internet bundles for mobile phones in Nigeria. We are about to share some of the most exciting and affordable data bundles offered by the company this year.

MTN internet bundles for mobile phones

The era of the Internet is everywhere. Several years ago mobile phones were used for making calls and sending SMS messages, it is hard to imagine a modern smartphone without a connection to the Internet. Nigerians also follow the world's trends and use their phones to check emails, surf the mobile web, and communicate via social networks on the go.

What are MTN bundles you can subscribe to this year? How much data do different packages offer to users in 2018? Let’s search for the best MTN data plan for Android phones and other mobile devices used in different Nigerian states.

MTN Nigeria

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This mobile company represents MTN Group. MTN Nigeria offers many great subscription plans. It is true that most of the modern (popular) gadgets run Android platform. But if you visit the MTN Nigeria website, you will see that the company currently offers universal data bundles and subscription plans that work on all known mobile firmware versions.

Keep reading, and you will find a complete list of some of the best MTN data bundles for Android, iOS, and other operating systems below.

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MTN internet bundles

Top MTN bundles for mobile internet users

The convenient thing in the data bundles offered by the company this year is that they are divided into plans for a particular period: for 1 day, a week or one month. If you have or choose to get MTN subscription in Nigeria in 2018, you can expect to get the following data bundles:

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1-day MTN bundles:

  • 100 Naira plan – Nigerians can get 30MB of data to use within 24 hours after dialing *104#
  • 200 Naira package – you will receive 100MB data if you dial *113#

1-week MTN bundles:

  • 500 Naira data plan – through the quick USSD number *103#, you can receive 750MB of internet data for the next seven days

1-month MTN bundles:

  • 1000 Naira package – call *106# and you can get impressive 1.5GB of mobile data for the next 30 days
  • 2000 Naira option – dial *110# on your mobile phone if you wish to receive amazing 3.5GB of internet data for a 30-day period
  • 5000 Naira data plan – Nigerians who spend much time online and need up to 10GB of data per month should call *116# and their smartphone will be charged with enough mobile data for the next 30 days

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2018 MTN internet bundles for mobile phones

How to find your best MTN bundle?

We want to share some tips that can help you understand which internet data package is the best for you. Here is how much data your smartphone or handset ‘eats’ when you perform the following actions:

  • You read and download approximately a hundred email letters – from 1MB to 10MB (everything depends on the attachments)
  • You communicate with your friends through instant messages for an hour – up to 1MB
  • You surf different websites for an hour – from 1.5MB to 25MB
  • You download one song in MP3 format – from 3MB to 7-8MB
  • You spend an hour on YouTube (actively watching videos) – up to 500MB
  • You download a mobile application – up to 800MB (or even more, depending on the app’s weight)
  • You download an image (picture or photograph) – up to 10MB (depending on the size of the photo)
  • You spend an hour of Facebook (actively) – up to 80MB

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MTN internet bundles for you

What else does MTN subscription offer to Nigerian users in 2018? There are two options we must talk about because they are awesome and make the user experience so much better:

  • Rolling over unused data – Sometimes you don’t use all your monthly data allowance. Luckily for MTN users in Nigeria, your mobile internet data will be rolled over to the next subscription month (only if you choose the auto-renew service). This is cool since you can use the data left from the previous month in your new billing cycle. Everything happens automatically if you take the benefit of the second option on this list called ‘auto-renew.’
  • Auto-renewing your plan – Enable this option, and your bundle (plan) will automatically update for the next month along with all the mobile data preserved in the previous billing cycle. Just make sure you have enough money on your account to keep enjoying your plan.

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These are the best bundles and features you can get from MTN Nigeria in 2018. Which mobile data plan sounds perfect to you? Choose and enjoy all the benefits.

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