NYSC camp requirements: things to take with you

NYSC camp requirements: things to take with you

Are you currently looking forward to going to NYSC camp? Before you get carried away with the excitement of this, there are some important NYSC camp requirements you need to know of. The worst thing any corps member can do is to arrive at camp and discover that they have left behind some things that would have made life easier or worse, they have left some important documents that hinder their registration.

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If you have already received your call-up letter and are packing to go to camp, you will require a packing checklist of all NYSC camp requirements for your registration and life at NYSC camp to be as smooth as possible. The followings list of things to take to NYSC camp can act as your checklist for this.

List of items needed for NYSC orientation camp

The NYSC orientation camp lasts for three weeks and every prospective corps member must arrive well prepared for the weeks at camp.

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At the point of registration, each prospective member shall receive NYSC clothes. While these are all good, we are all human and one shall need much more than these to survive the upcoming three weeks. Here are a couple of things that, while not issued at the point of entry, are very essential for your stay in camp.

This list of things to take to NYSC camp has been divided into two; compulsory items and essential items.

Compulsory things needed for NYSC camp

These items are needed to get you through your registration at NYSC orientation camp:

  • NYSC call-up letter - Of all the NYSC requirements to remember, your call-up letter is the most important one. You are required to have the original copy and the photocopies you made. Without this letter, you shall not be allowed in. This document acts as proof that you are, indeed a prospect and not an impersonator.
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Do not laminate your call-up letter. If you do, it might make your chances of enrolling very slim. In some cases, prospects have been sent back home and others have been allowed in but only after hours and even days of begging for the opportunity.

  • Final year school identity card - You should also have the original and photocopies of this. The ID card acts as proof that you graduated from the institution indicated on your certificate.
  • Statements of result or certificates - For this, make sure that you have the original copy plus six photocopies of your statement of your result/certificate of the course you studied.
  • Passport photographs - It is recommended that you go with your recent passport photographs. Have about 20 pictures all taken in a white background. The reason for so many pictures is because you will be needed to attach one at different points of registration, e.g. skill acquisition groups, religious groups, sports, bank account opening, etc.
  • Certificates and/or licenses - For doctors, pharmacists, nurses as well as lab scientists, take along your proof of certification. Graduates of Medicine and Pharmacy are expected to have their Certificates of Registration with the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) respectively.
  • Medical certificate of fitness - You must obtain a medical certificate from a government or military hospital to show your current health status.
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NYSC orientation camp

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Other than the compulsory items, you will require more things to help you during your stay. These essentials will help you be clean, counter boredom and act as a form of first aid in case you ever need them.

Essential things to take to NYSC camp

Unlike the items above, these items are not compulsory. Having these things with you will lessen the burden of your everyday camp activities and schedules. They will also help in saving you money as things at the NYSC camp are normally sold at a higher price.

Your essentials will include:

  • File jackets
  • Stationery
  • White round neck T-shirts - In most camps, this is the only piece of clothing that is allowed to be worn throughout. While you will be given two t-shirts in your NYSC kit, they are not enough and the quality might not be the best. Extra t-shirts will help keep you warm -if need be- and they will prevent you from having to do your laundry every day
  • White shorts and socks - Just like t-shirts, bringing an extra pairs of shorts and socks keeps the stress of laundry at bay
  • Plain white sneakers or tennis shoes - Prospects are issued with shoes, however, the pairs provided might not be in your shoe size. Carrying your own will help in case you are among the unlucky ones to receive a pair that is too big or too small.
  • Underwear - Make sure to pack more than what you think will be enough. You never know what might happen
  • Padlocks - It is always a good idea to have your things kept under lock and key. You never know if someone might want to steal yours.
  • Toiletries - These include toilet paper, sanitary pads and tampons for the ladies, a soap dish, a pair of slippers, etc.
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things to take to NYSC camp

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  • Towels.
  • Treated mosquito net - Keeps mosquitoes away and reduces the chances of you getting malaria.
  • Antiseptics/disinfectants like Dettol are very important. They reduce your chances of getting infections from bathrooms. Also, get some hand sanitizer.
  • Money and ATM cards - You never know what monetary needs might arise from camp so having some extra spending money with you is always a good idea.
  • Waist pouch - You need it to carry your money, phone, small valuables, pens, etc. around with you at all times. It frees up your hands thus letting you carry out your activities without any hindrance.
  • Flashlight/rechargeable lamps. If you are going with a flashlight that uses batteries, you should take enough batteries with you.
  • Phone charger/power bank. If possible, you can go with an extra battery for your mobile phone.
  • Provisions such as cereals and other snacks are essential. This is just in case you need to supplement the food that you shall be getting at the camp
  • Bucket
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  • Bedding - These include items such as bed sheets, pillowcases, pillows, and a wrapper or blanket.
  • Medical kit containing medications such as multivitamins, analgesics or pain relievers, antibiotics, prescription tablets for malaria, anti-purging pills, and other medicines that you need to cope (especially if you know you have some conditions), cotton wool, plasters, methylated spirit, and other things you think you might personally need.
  • Dish set such a food flask, spoon, and a drinking cup or flask.
  • Entertainment - For those who love to read, novels are a great way to keep yourself entertained during your free time. Music lovers can carry their headphones. You can also carry some board games too.
  • Extra SIM cards - This depends on where you have been posted. An extra SIM card is only required if your current network does not work in the place that your camp will be.

Once you are done with the registration, you will receive an NYSC Kit and mattress.

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Your NYSC kit will contain the following items:

  1. Two round neck loosely fitted white T-shirts
  2. Two pairs of NYSC white shorts
  3. One NYSC crested vest
  4. Pair of NYSC khaki (jacket, belt, and trousers)
  5. Crested NYSC cap
  6. One pair of jungle boots

These are all the compulsory and essentials items that you will require when showing up on the first day. We hope that the above list of NYSC camp requirements makes packing less stressful for you.

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