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Unique boy names with meanings

Unique boy names with meanings

We all know that the name of a person plays a significant role in his or her life. We prepare unique boy names with beautiful meanings for you. You can choose from old, traditional or modern and stylish options. Here we go.

Unique boy names with meanings

Unique Yoruba boy names

The Yoruba names are known for their powerful meaning. In the Yoruba tradition, the parents carefully choose the name of their child. There are some factors that can affect the choice of name, for example, the financial situation of the family, the time and circumstances of birth. Read our list to choose the best names.

  • Abayomrunkoje - My enemies would have mocked me but, heaven didn't allow it
  • Banjoko - The one who never leaves
  • Gbadebo - The one who brings the crown
  • Abegunde - The one who came with the mascurade
  • Farayioluwa - the one who leans on God
  • Mabayoje - Don't destroy my joy
  • Abeo - The one who brings happiness
  • Idogbe - The second boy who born after twins
Unique boy names with meanings


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  • Pamilekunayo - One who brings tears of joy
  • Mobolaji - wakes with wealth
  • Adedayo - The crown has turned to joy
  • Modupeore - I am thankful for the gift
  • Adeshola - The crown makes wealth
  • Ogooluwa - The one who is a glory of God
  • Ayinde - We gave praise, and he came
  • Olabode - Weath has come
  • Remilekun - Console my cries
  • Tejumola - One who looks unto wealth
  • Bolade - Came with riches
  • Ayotomiwa - Joy came to me

Hausa unique names with meaning for a boy

The original names of Hausa children are often based on how they were born, the climate situation, the status of the family, and many other factors.

  • Gaddo - The great inheritor
  • Gowon - The one who brings rain
Unique boy names with meanings


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  • Rashidi - The one who is rightly guided;
  • Daran - The one who was born at night
  • Hasan - A good and beautiful person
  • Gambo - The boy who was born after teens
  • Danladi - The one who was born on Sunday
  • Bako - The guest
  • Shibkau - The one who was born during the sowing season
  • Nagona, Nanoma - The one who was born at the farm
  • Tanko - Brother to female children in a family
  • Kokari - The hardworking one
  • Korau - One who was born when his mother was divorced
  • Yarima - The name of a prince
  • Ruwa, Anaruwa, Makau, Makao - All these are the names of a boy who was born during it was raining.

Unique boy names in the Igbo language

Here we also can see the religious meanings of the names.

  • Abaeze - Branch of the kings
Unique boy names with meanings

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  • Chetachi - One who always remembers God
  • Debare - The one who was born during good times
  • Enyinnaya - A friend of the father
  • Akunna - The wealth of father
  • Esomchi - The one who walks with God
  • Chinaka - The will of God
  • Ezeudo - King of peace
  • Chuwudubem - Let the God lead me
  • Iben - Harmony
  • Jayamma - Praise to the lord
  • Kalu - God of Thunder
  • Nwabueze - King child
  • Obiefune - The one who does not lose hope
  • Ikechukwu - The power of God
  • Gosifechukwu - The one who shows the light of God to all
Unique boy names with meanings


  • Amandi - One who doesn't trust anyone easily
  • Chukwuemerie - The victory of God
  • Afamefuna - My name will not be lost
  • Chukwuemerie - Great Deeds

Benin boy names and meaning

Another set of unique traditional names

  • Enofe - A rich one
  • Abaze - Nobleman
  • Ikponmwosa - It means a thank to the God
  • Inegbedion - The one who is supported by the family
  • Okpere - The one who arrived a long time ago
  • Osasumwen - The one who is guided and protected by God
  • Osayuwamen - Gifted by the God
  • Oyakhirome - The one who is always helped by God
Unique boy names with meanings
  • Osayomore - The one who is remembered by God
  • Isoke - God’s gift
  • Nourbese - A wonderful child
  • Oseye - A happy person
  • Osaze - Tho one who is beloved by God

Non-Nigerian boy names with beautiful meanings

Here we have the international type of names that are popular in every part of the world. So here we have the list of boy names:

  • Adriel - The name from the Hebrew language, and it mean "the flock of God"
  • Axel - This is a Scandinavian form of Biblical name Absalom
  • Brady - Large chested
  • Brice - This is old Scottish surname that means speckled
Unique boy names with meanings


  • Connor - Irish name that means lover of hounds
  • Deon - A variation of a short form of the Dionysus
  • Dermot - Irish mythological name that means the one who is free from envy
  • Eliseo - A variation of the Biblical name Elisha 
  • Frey - The exalted one (mythological name)
  • Kael - Gaelic origin name that means “slender”
  • Kit - It is a diminutive of Christopher and means "follower of Christ"
  • Levi - Hebrew name that means “joined or attached”
  • Milo - The name of Greek origin that means "soldier or merciful"
  • Nolan - It means "champion", the world originates from Irish surnames
  • Roald - Norwegian name that means "ruler"
  • Wilfred - It means “desires peace”

Here is our list. Today parents are free to give modern or classic names to their children. The meaning is very important so parents should make a wise choice.

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Source: 256 Nigerian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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