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Raising godly children - Top 10 tips

Raising godly children - Top 10 tips

When parents pray to God, they may often ask for the same answer – what can they do for raising godly children? Well, it's not so easy. A lot of people tried, and not all of them were successful. If you want to bring a person of good nature to this world, then you need to read these top 10 tips.

Raising godly children - top 10 tips


Who is a godly child?

The first question that we need to answer here is the definition of a godly child! Not all of you may understand that it’s not only a person who defines God as his savior but also a person of good and kindly nature. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand the key features that can make this person to be born in this world.

Top 10 tips to raise good for children of God

10. Passionate relationship with God

Our God teaches parents that they should learn a passionate relationship with God. If they have this relationship, then they can teach their children the same type of relationship with God. Our Lord wants parents to understand that they can transfer their love of God to their children. Parenting is actually the love of God that we all know.

Raising godly children - top 10 tips


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Parenting can be described as the way of developing the passionate relationship between children and God.

9. Strong marriage pleases God

The marriage is the very basis of good parenting. Children raised by a couple where you can find love is the best ground for raising a godly child. Only when each spouse passionately love each other, they can speak about the way of Lord. If there is no love between them, then it’s hard to find the words of the Almighty for a child.

8. The word of God

It’s necessary to make the word of God your standard for everyday tasks. You can find a lot of Christian literature on the internet or buy it by yourself. You can also read the Bible to children. There are also kid versions of the Bible which you can find almost everywhere. It explains the Bible stories so that children would understand the meaning.

Raising godly children - top 10 tips


God’s words are full of instructions for his children. That’s the reason why you may consider taking the Christian literature everywhere with you. It will also be interested for parents. They can also take into consideration several stories from the most holy book. Tell them about our faith! About Christians, Evangelists, Catholics and other branches of Christianity.

7. Parents must love God

To be on the same side with God is to be on the same side as each other. In the previous tip, you read about the word of God, but you can’t reach it without understanding that you are on the same page with your beloved. It’s impossible to take the same root together without agreeing on the direction. You can read a lot of interesting literature on this moral question, but when you want your kid to be godly, you must be on the same page with your spouse.

6. Protect your children

Our culture provides a lot of challenges for a young mind. The culture can provide false teachers, pedophiles, immorality, humanistic and other demonist issues. It’s an absolute responsibility of parents to protect their children.

Raising godly children - top 10 tips


They should understand the realities of the modern world, but they don’t need to surrender to them. What is really difficult in this situation is to save your children, so they don’t start believing in the false gods.

5. God bless your children

What is interesting about the word of God is that you need to bestow his blessing on your children. What does it mean to bless your children? It means to put into their head the words of value. It’s an active commitment to parenting. Elaborate how effective you can be with the words to your children. Bless them every day, and they will be happy. It’s also the way to please the Almighty God!

4. Understand your child's needs

The Bible stories for children can be a good way to make your child behave properly, but they can’t determine his needs. The greatest need for your child comes with acknowledgment of the greatest problem. All children seek protection in one way or another. They can define this need for protection in every way possible.

Raising godly children - top 10 tips


What you can do as a parent in such a situation is to ask your child about the needs and monitor his behavior. It will only increase his love to you and to God. You are a parent! You must be responsible in every way possible.

3. Parents must follow their roles

Men should follow the ideas of fatherhood and protect their children at all cost. They should show their love and respect for their wives. At the same time, wives should provide men with energy and be ready to help them in their time of need. When a child sees the strict roles between father and mother, he can learn.

That’s how you can be sure that he will bring the same values of God to his family.

2. Train your children

Do not forget that children are alone in the world without a parent. Teach them how to survive in this world. Train them to understand this world, and you will obtain happiness. You can also train yourself by reading Christian spiritual maturity quotes!

Raising godly children - top 10 tips


1. Reverence to God

Children must learn the fear of God as it will help them to avoid bad deeds in their life. God always forgive his children if they truly desire the forgiveness. If you want that your child would stay out of trouble, then teach him how to fear God. The Almighty will hear your prays and you will get a godly child.

If you want to raise a child of God, then you need to follow the path of God. Only when you understand all the peculiarities of being a good parent, you will get the understanding of raising a good child. Do not miss this chance to raise your kid in the right way. Do not forget that it’s never too late to fix the mistakes of parenting.

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