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Chelsea FC trophies and achievements

Chelsea FC trophies and achievements

Chelsea is a professional football club from the western part of London. The metropolitan command is one of the most titled in the history of England. At the European level, Chelsea FC trophies still cannot boast of a large amount. Nevertheless, in recent years, they have managed to replenish their assets with victories in the Champions League, the European League and the club world championship.

Chelsea fc trophies and achievements

Participation in the richest national championship of the world made Chelsea one of the most expensive brands in world football. The popularity of the Chelsea football club every year only grows, it is possible that in the future, Londoners will reach the level of other European grandees.

Chelsea trophies

Chelsea FC trophies list is really impressive.

  • First Division / English Premier League

Champion (6): 1954-1955, 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2009-2010, 2014-2015, 2016-2017

  • Second Division

Champion (2): 1983-1984, 1988-1989

  • The FA Cup

The holder (8): 1970, 1997, 2000, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018

  • Football League Cup

Holder (5): 1965, 1998, 2005, 2007, 2015

  • Super Cup of England

The owner (4): 1955, 2000, 2005, 2009

  • Cup full members

Holder (2): 1986, 1990

International ones:

  • UEFA Champions League

The winner: 2012

Winner: 2008

  • UEFA Europa League

Winner: 2013

  • UEFA Cup Winners' Cup

Holder (2): 1971, 1998

  • UEFA Super Cup

Holder: 1998

  • Club World Cup

Winner: 2012

History of Chelsea achievements

The history of Chelsea is closely connected with the stadium Stamford Bridge, which was built long before the establishment of the London club. The owners of the sports arena were the brothers Mears, who wanted to earn more money by renting it to Fulham. However, according to the oldest team in London, this proposal was too expensive.

As a result, the brothers Mears thought about creating their own club. On March 14, the brothers, together with their companions, gathered in a local bar, where they came up with a name for the new team. And the history of Chelsea began.

base chelsea

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The newly created club was to be part of the Southern League, but Tottenham and Fulham, frightened by competition, voted against it. In the end, Chelsea was admitted to the Second Division of the English Football League, which was not against expansion. The first match the London team held was in September 2, 1905. Chelsea's opponent was Stockport County, which won 1: 0. But the debut game at home 'Stamford Bridge' was victorious - Hull City was defeated (5: 1). The team finished the first season on the third place, not getting an increase in the top division.

Best Chelsea results

After a series of setbacks, William Lewis, who worked as a secretary at the club, was appointed to the position of the 'blue' mentor, and he also dealt with accounting matters. Lewis made a bet on doubles, it brought a result. Season 1906/07 was finished having the second place, hitting the First Division. In the top championship FC 'Chelsea' performed unsuccessfully, and following the results of the season 1909/10 flew to the lower league. A few years later, the London club managed to return to the elite and gain a foothold there until 1924.

The popularity of Chelsea was growing, but the club could not please its fans with trophies. The first one was won only in 1955. The author of this success was the head coach Ted Drake, who greatly changed the structure of the club. In the 60 years, the Londoners were unlucky. They claimed different titles but failed all the time. For this decade they managed to win only the English League Cup. In 1970, Chelsea won the FA Cup, and a year later they celebrated the success of the Winners' Cup.

Chelsea achievements

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In the 70's, the 'blue' faced serious financial problems due to the reconstruction of the stadium. Debts forced the management to sell players. As a result, the team weakened and the results rushed down. Between 1975 and 1989, Chelsea spent eight seasons in the Second Division. In 1982, the financial situation of the club became so bad that sometimes players did not even receive salaries. In the end, Chelsea was sold to businessman Ken Bates and the stadium to a construction company.

Success returned to the Londoners only at the end of the last century. In 1997, the national cup was won, and a year later - the League Cup and Winners' Cup too. In 2000, the 'blue' under the leadership of Gianluca Vialli won the third in their history, the FA Cup. Later, Vialli was replaced by his compatriot Claudio Ranieri, who kept Chelsea at the top of the championship table in England for four years.

The era of Abramovich

In 2003, Bates sold the club to Roman Abramovich for 140 million pounds. Abramovich did not spare money for transfers. In 2004, the new head coach was appointed. It was a young specialist Jose Mourinho.

abramovich era

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Season 2005/06 was started with the victory in the national Super Cup and finished second consecutive "gold" of the Premier League. In the next football year, "Chelsea" won the FA Cup and League Cup, but took second place in the championship. At the beginning of the 2007/08 season, the club's management terminated the agreement with Mourinho. The new coach of the team was Avram Grant, who brought it to the final of the Champions League. But Chelsea was not destined to win. The Moscow final was won by Manchester United, which also won in the Premier League.

The new champion's title was only in 2010 when their favorite team was one point ahead of all the same 'Red Devils'. At this time, Chelsea was led by Carlo Ancelotti, who held his post until 2011. In 2012, the 'blue' for the fourth time in the last six years won the FA Cup. In the same year, they had a sensational victory in the Champions League final over the Munich 'Bavaria'. In the 2012/13 season, Chelsea won the European League trophy and finished third in the Premier League.

Chelsea 2013

In 2013, Jose Mourinho returned to the coaching bench. In the numerous interviews, he spoke of the desire to become for Chelsea what Alex Ferguson became for Manchester United. In the first two seasons, the renewed union of the Portuguese with the London club was doing well. In the season of 2013-2014, the team took the third place, and the next time won the League Cup and the Premier League. However, in the 2015/16 season, Jose developed a conflict with the key players of the team. The results of the club were also not the best. Abramovich suffered until December, after which he agreed with Mourinho about the break of the contract.

Chelsea results in recent years

After Jose, the head coach of the 'blue' was Antonio Conte, who had previously achieved success in Juventus. In the season of 2016/17, few believed in the success of the Italian and Chelsea, but the London team managed to get ahead of all competitors in the national championship. Successful performance in the Premier League allowed the 'blue' return to the Champions League.

Chelsea fc trophies

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Now Chelsea is one of the best clubs in England. Of course, Chelsea FC trophies so far, is far away in number of titles to "Manchester United", "Liverpool" and "Arsenal." But if we talk about the last decade, then with the success of the "blue" can only be equaled by the "Red Devils."

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