What country is Cuba next to and why is it so popular?

What country is Cuba next to and why is it so popular?

Where is Cuba located in the world? What is it? It’s a beautiful country created by the revolution. It’s one nation, one island, and one land! You won’t believe what you can find in this magic land! This article will give you complete information where it’s situated in the world geographically, economically and statistically!

Where is Cuba located in the world?

Geographical location of Cuba

You may not believe that, but Cuba is actually an archipelago of islands and not just one separated piece of land. Cuba country is located in the Northern hemisphere. The exact location is between latitudes 19 degrees, 24 degrees north, and longitudes 74 degrees, 85 degrees west. It’s surrounded by the north Caribbean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Cuba located in the world?

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There are no borderlands with Cuba for today. The United States is located just 150 kilometers from the country. The closest point to the United States of America is Key West, Florida. Mexico lies just across 210 kilometers across the Yucatan Channel.

Cuba is also surrounded by several islands, which are also countries. Therefore, these islands are the closest neighbors to the country of Liberty. The first is Haiti located 77 kilometers away. It’s a small island with a proud nation. Jamaica is located 140 kilometers away. This beautiful island is home for Reggae style of music.

The Cayman Islands are located to the south of Cuba. In the very basis, Cuba is surrounded by 4 small groups of islands. Havana is the capital of Cuba. Havana Cuba is the largest city and province in Cuba, it is the business capital of the country. Havana is also Cuba's major port.

Where is Cuba located in the world?

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The Colorados Archipelago is located in the northwestern part of the coast. It’s a very beautiful location. The Canarreos Archipelago is located somewhere in the southwestern coast. The Jardines de la Reina Islands are located in the south coast. The Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago located on the north coast of the Atlantic Ocean!

Therefore, Cuba is located in the paradise. The main island of Cuba is the major of the nation’s area. The main island is the largest island in the Caribbean.

The main island territory is 1,250 kilometers long. The whole nation’s territory is 104,556 square kilometers. The main island is the 17th largest island in the world. The second largest island is Isla de la Juventud which is 2,200 square kilometers.

Where is Cuba located in the world?

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By the way, did you know that the distance from Cuba to Nigeria is 7,051 kilometers? You will need about 21-28 hours to fly there. There is no direct connection between the cities of Nigeria and the cities of Cuba. Therefore, you will need to make a stop in Paris or Amsterdam. Therefore, if you want to visit Cuba, you will also need to check if you can stay Europe. The cost of tickets to Cuba starts from 900,000 Naira in the economy class.

By the way, Cuba is a good starting point for visiting the USA. If you need visa there, you can check this USA visa application guide to get it!

Climate location

Where is Cuba located in the world?

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The climate location of Cuba is also great. The entire island is located in the Tropic of Cancer. The northeast trade winds blow around the whole year. Therefore, the climate zone of Cuba is even warmer than Hong-Kong. Nevertheless, this location gives the cities of Cuba the rainy season from May to October and dry season from November to April.

The warm temperature of the Caribbean Sea, where Cuba is situated, provides warm temperatures around the year. At the same time, it can be quite a devastating location as the close distance to the Gulf of Mexico makes the area prone to the hurricanes.

Biodiversity location

Where is Cuba located in the world?

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Cuba is located in the vast biodiverse zone, where you can find a lot of specie of animals in the world. The National Biodiversity Strategy of Cuba provides the revision of all creatures in the country. You can see 1440 species of protozoa, 9107 species of plants, 5844 species of fungi, 707 species of chromista, 270 species of bacteria, 17,801 species of animals.

Cuba is the place of many documental films about wild nature. Nevertheless, a lot of the species of Cuba are on the brink of extinction. Therefore, the National Plan of the Biodiversity strategy should provide more species to Cuba. The more animals they have, the more tourists they may have. The rescuing of animals is one of the primary policies of the country today.

Economical location

Where is Cuba located in the world?

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Despite the fact that Capital of Cuba and the whole island are located in the marvelous climate and location, the whole nation does not do that well. The GDP rank of the country is 65, where the total GDP of the country (According to the CIA World Factbook) is 87 billion dollars.

Due to the great tourist location of the country, the great number of the population is located in the hospitality sector. They provide mostly services to the tourists who visit the country to relax. The economic situation is not in the favor for Cuba, the public debt of the country is 25 billion dollars.

In the mid-1990s, the Cuba mainstream of tourism boomed. Still, it only provided the two-tear economy as the influx of dollars devastated the national currency.

Therefore, if you want to migrate there, you may need to think twice! It's better to choose countries like Australia to migrate.

Where is Cuba located in the world?

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Where is Cuba situated? It’s located in the Caribbean Sea. There are several archipelagoes around the country. Nevertheless, despite the fantastic climate and marvelous sites, the economic location of the country is not the best.

If you plan to visit this Island nation, then you will need to make at least 21 hours flight with a stop in Europe. That’s why you need to prepare yourself for this journey. Still, it will worth every cent that you invest in it!

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