Where is Canada located in the world?

Where is Canada located in the world?

Where is Canada located? Many Nigerians are interested in the location of Canada because it’s a great country that attracts numerous migrants from African countries. Apart from the migration, Canada is a place where there are many universities with education of the highest class. Let’s go find Canada on the world map and see where it is located.

Where is Canada located

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What is the precise Canada location on map and what does it mean for the country?

Canada is a great country that’s located far away from Nigeria, in much colder regions of the globe. It occupies the northern part of the continent, which is known as North America. It lies westwards from Nigeria, across the Atlantic Ocean.

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Canada occupies a huge space between the Atlantic Ocean (which washes the eastern shore) and the Pacific Ocean (which washes the western shore). This location gave birth to the country’s motto: “From sea to sea”. The closest neighbors of this country is the United States.

Canada has plenty of lands within its official boundaries but it also declares its right for a piece of land in Arctic. Somehow, these rights are not recognized by the global community.

Canada geographical position

Where is Canada located

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Due to the vastness of the occupied space, Canada has a very interesting geographical location. It’s situated in several climatic regions and areas with a diverse relief. For instance, the majority of the territory where Canada is located belongs to prairies and plateaus. Only the westernmost parts of Canada lie in mountains, the same American Cordillera, which can be seen in the United States.

The northern part of Canada is located in a region with plenty of lakes, rivers and gulfs. The water there is very cold because these areas are quite close to the arctic zone. The northernmost lands are situated on the Canadian archipelago, which includes the biggest islands in the world but these areas are the coldest and only few settlements are located here. By the way, this is the part of the land where the northern magnetic pole can be found.

Where is Canada located

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Canada is located within several climatic regions with a different climate. Winters are quite cold and even summers are cool and damp due to the arctic air that comes from the north. Days are very long in summer and short in winter. The western part of Canada lies in the area where the arctic air cannot reach across the mountains, so winters are softer there, with lots of rains.

The part of the continent where Canada lies attracts huge masses of cold air and in winter they have several meters of snow. Even the southern parts of the area that’s occupied by Canada can show about -40°C (below zero) with harsh winds. In summer, however, the prairies receive enough sunshine and temperatures often reach +40°C (above zero).

Where is Canada located

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The geographical location of Canada influences the life on its territory. For example, the southern regions where the climate is more or less moderate, there are thick forests consisting of firs, pines, and other coniferous trees. The forests are densely inhabited by local animals of diverse types.

Further to the north, the areas where Canada is situated become less populated. The forests give way to the deserted areas that are called tundra. This zone is usually inhabited by only those animals, which are adapted to harsh winters with the help of their fur or fat. The trees and bushes that grow in tundra are usually very short compared to regular ones. The northernmost parts of the territory are covered with ice that doesn’t melt even in summer.

Canada location facts

Where is Canada located

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  • Canada is located in such a part of the globe where in winter one can see a wonderful natural phenomenon, northern lights.
  • The total area of Canada is approximately 11 times as big as that of Nigeria. The area occupied by water only in Canada is almost as big as Nigeria itself. However, the vast lands are not very populated. Due to the severe climate, the northern areas are practically empty and very hard to survive in.
  • Canada has the longest coastlines in the world because there is plenty of small gulfs and bays along its ocean shores.
  • In Canada, there’s the biggest world’s resource of fresh water due to the huge number of lakes in the northern part of the country
  • In Canada, geologists discover the oldest pieces of rock on the entire planet. The piece of land where it is located has been deformed due to certain geologic processes deep below the earth surface and the ancient rocks have been thrown onto the surface
Where is Canada located

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  • In Canada, there is one of the two known biggest world’s craters created by fallen meteorites. The entire continent where Canada is located is known as a place where meteorites have left numerous tracks
  • In Canada, they have plenty of lakes, you know it already. Some of the lakes are so salty that a person can swim in them without fear of drowning

Now, you know everything about Canada location and the way it influences the life of the country. It’s a great land with an incredibly beautiful nature and a severe climate, but very friendly and amiable people who are always ready to welcome guests from far away.

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