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Opinion: Politicise criminality, even victims will take sides by Anthony Eshemokhai

Opinion: Politicise criminality, even victims will take sides by Anthony Eshemokhai

Editor's note: In this fresh piece,'s head of government relations, Anthony Eshemokhai, writes on the continued killings across various states in Nigeria.

Eshemokhai analyses Nigeria's approaches to curbing the killings.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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This is what is playing out currently in this country especially using the recent Plateau, Benue and other orrgy of mindless killings going on by killer herdsmen.

To the ruling APC federal government, "it's the opposition trying to destabilize the government to gain political power"!

To Miyetti Allah, "we did it to avenge our rustled cows".

Using APC theory, this means Miyetti Allah is now part of PDP out to destabilise the APC government.

This is at best, ridiculous!

To the opposition, "the government is not capable and should be voted out come 2019".

To me, it is our collective foolishness to be so divided over a common ill threatening our very existence.

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When Al Qaeda attacked the US and came out boldly to claim responsibility, the US deployed every weapon at their disposal and even took the war to AL Qaeda. Nobody heard of "the democrat or republican parties".

There was no hiding place until Bin Laden, the leader was killed and the deadly organization today is a dead horse.

Miyetti Allah has claimed responsibilities for several attacks and the spokespersons are known and walking freely. The starting point is that such spokesperson must be declared wanted, arrested and put on trial. This is not too much to expect from any sane clime.

Except it happened and I am yet to be aware, no herdsman terrorist is standing trial anywhere in Nigeria and whenever the government finds a diversionary opportunity, it gleefully blame everyone else but themselves!

If ''it is not Libyan fighters, it's Gaddafi militia, or Niger Republic or PDP opposition trying to discredit the government to gain political powers''.

Non of these excuses is acceptable as government all over the world is trusted by her citizens to provide answers to such challenges, thereby guaranteeing security of lives and property which remains the primary duty of government.

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The antecedents of Mr. President as a person with previous open sympathy to Miyetti Allah, especially remembering the role he played in Oyo State during Lam Adesina's regime is not helping matters.

There is this fear that he is yet to deploy the best weapon at his disposal to decimate these herdsmen because he is sympathetic to them. He is a retired General and not new to the art of war.

The killer herdsmen have declared full war on hapless Nigerians. It is only hoped our president is not like Emperor Nero who found pleasure fiddling at the hill side while Rome was on fire. Is the kid glove approach a sort of ''fiddling on the hillside of 2019 elections?''

The president must rise above these assumption and blame game as they are no longer tenable excuses to Nigerians.

The security architecture of the nation needs overhauling with premium attention given to intelligence gathering.

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They must be steps ahead of these terrorists and should always beat them to it by being proactive.

My heartfelt condolences goes to the traumatised family of these bloodletting.

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