Bet9ja soccer special rules for betting

Bet9ja soccer special rules for betting

Soccer is one of the most popular games on the planet! That’s the reason why Bet9ja soccer special rules exist today. It’s also the very reason why you should try to play with these rules more often.

Bet9ja soccer special rules


Top 15 Bet9ja booking rules for soccer

There are some special options for betting on soccer that you will like to try. Let’s take a look at top 15 rules that will help you to win even more!

1. Red Card

If you are good at guessing who is about to leave the match, then you should try this type of Bet9ja betting. The rules do not neglect your right to guess who leaves the game. You may predict how many players will be out of the match this time. You can also select at what time a player leaves the match. It can be a footballer that play in the current 45 minutes or his friend on the bench.

2. 1st Goalscorer

The new Bet9ja soccer special rules allow you to choose a player who will score the first goal in the match! Nevertheless, the bet can be void if the player that you have selected does not appear in the match for any reasons. The bet will be lost if the selected player has not scored the first goal in the match.

3. Any time scorer

You will need to choose a player that can score a goal in the match. It’s very simple. You just need to select a player and set the bet that he can score a goal. If he doesn’t score a goal, then you lose. If he scores a goal, then you are a winner.

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It is true what they say: you can’t win without trying. Why not to try it out today? Now that you know all there is to know about betting, it should be easier for you to play and even win. Why don’t you start by looking for a bet that works for you? It is easy to apply, play, and win. All you need is your smartphone or laptop, and you are good to go.

4. 2, 3 and more

It’s similar to the previous bet. The Bet9ja odds provide you the opportunity to bet on one player and select the option that he can score several goals in one match.

Bet9ja soccer special rules


5. Time of the first goal

It’s also a very simple bet. The Bet9ja soccer special rules provide you an opportunity to bet on the minutes when the first goal is scored. You just need to select the minute of the game when the goal is about to be scored. That’s all! If you are right, then you get the money!

6. Total corner

It can be also a very easy bet to predict. The whole point is that you need to predict the number of corners to be in the match. You can also select the option if there are less or more corners in the match. For instance, less than 10 corners or more than 10 corners.

7. Anytime Scorer 1st/2nd half

It’s very similar to the first time scorer prediction. In this situation, you will need to predict if the selected player score in the first half or the second half. Nevertheless, it’s a very tricky bet. You have a lot of options to lose this bet. Let’s take a look! First of all, you will need to select when your scorer should score.

Bet9ja soccer special rules


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The 1st half. If you have selected that the player should score in the first half, then you will win if the player (the selected one) scores in the first half. Nevertheless, you lose if the chosen player fails to do that in the first half or somebody else does it first.

The 2nd half. It’s almost the same as the first half. You win only if you the selected player score a goal, but only in the second half. If somebody scores the goal in the first half or even your player scores the goal in the first half, then you lose.

8. No score

You just need to select a player who will not score in the match at all. You will lose only if he scores a goal.

9. First team to score

According to the Bet9ja rules, you can select a team which scores the first in the match. If you guess right, then you can enjoy your prize.

10. First team and last team to score

The Bet9ja website will propose you to guess which of the proposed teams will have the first place in the table and which one will have the last one. If there are no goals provided in the selected period, then the results will be "no goals." The tables will be obtained from the official league website.

Bet9ja soccer special rules


11. Special goal scorer

The special Bet9ja rules will provide you a choice to select between the groups of players where the potential candidate should score a goal. If a player in the selected group of players scores a goal, then you win. Nevertheless, if it does not happen, then you lose the bet.

12. Cards Yes or Not

You will need to predict the situation, like "will it be assigned any card to a player or not?" It includes yellow and red cards. It’s also possible to bet on which time the card is to be assigned to the player.

Bet9ja soccer special rules


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Do not forget that the card assigned to the player on the 1st second of the 11th minutes is assigned to be on the eleventh minutes (according to the bet rules).

13. Team to score more goals

It’s just needed to select the team which scores the most goals in the selected matches. If you guess right, then you get all the money! It’s that simple!

14. Time to the first score

You will have a set of selected time periods. You will need to guess in which of these time periods will be the first goal! You can also bet on the option “no goal at all”!

15. Goalkeeper scores a goal

It may sound like a fantasy, but there is a slight chance that a goalkeeper can score a goal in the game. Nevertheless, they can also play as other players and they are not glued to the gates. Sometimes, goalkeepers have a slight chance to score a goal even from their side of the field. It’s really rare! If you manage to guess this result, then you will be a real winner of the game.

Bet9ja soccer special rules


The Bet9ja website gives you more possibilities to win the game! You just need to get them while there's still a chance!

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