World's youngest grandfather! Man becomes dad and grandpa at 23

World's youngest grandfather! Man becomes dad and grandpa at 23

- A 23-year-old became one of the youngest grandfather in the world when he legally adopted his pregnant 17-year-old cousin

- According to Tommy Connolly, life dealt his cousin a poor hand and she's had to play it best she could

- However, after he concluded that no one deserve the things she had gone through, he decided to give her a better life

Tommy Connolly was a normal 23-year-old, he’s a star athlete, he had a part-time job and he was studying towards a higher education.

However, what makes Connolly different from other men his age, is he became a dad and grandpa in just a short period of time.

How is it possible for a 23-year-old to become a grandad? Well, Connolly adopted his 17-year-old cousin, who was 32 weeks pregnant at the time.

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According to a story he shared on his Instagram account in 2016, Connolly did not see his cousin, Kiarna, for 10-years, and when he finally saw her again, she just turned 17 and she was pregnant.

He soon learned her life turned out really bad- she had been living on the streets, had numerous run-ins with the law and her boyfriend was in prison.

To add to her misfortune, the teenager was pregnant and because of her situation her baby would have been taken away just after birth.

"Her baby was going to be taken when it arrived, as she's had a lifetime of instability and bad history, most likely due to the traumatic childhood.”, he wrote in the post. learned Connolly added nobody deserved the life Kiarna had, so he decided to take her under his wing and legally adopt her.

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According to Connolly, he since finding his cousin he has been doing a lot to set up her new life with him, and he even takes her to her doctor appointments.

“She has plenty of clothes, she's improving her reading and writing, and she's motivated to get the education that she never had.”

Connolly added his cousin was now living in a safe environment, where she can give her baby a life she did not have.

“All she wants is for him to have a better life than she's had”, he added.

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