Legit.ng experience: How to improve reactions on PR campaigns

Legit.ng experience: How to improve reactions on PR campaigns

The general idea behind putting up PR campaigns is to get across to the advertiser’s target audience; in a bid to help advertisers get more out of their sponsored posts, we had a little chat with PR Executive of Legit.ng, Mitchelle Okuku, to give us some important tips that could guide advertisers on their quest to get more reactions from our readers.

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Legit.ng experience: How to improve reactions on PR campaigns
Mitchelle Okuku - PR Executive, Legit.ng

- Would you say PR is really getting the audience involved in communication with the brand nowadays?

From my experience, I would say that getting readers’ interest these days takes way more than it used to and only those who are paying close attention to this fact are still getting desired results.

I did a careful analysis of 1,045 PR campaigns published on Legit.ng in 2017 and the results showed that sponsored articles attracted an average of 11,000 views. Out of the 1,045 articles posted, most of them exceeded this average figure greatly, while some others fell short of expectations.

- Do these successful articles have anything in common?

Yes, successful PR articles have similar features. A lot of advertisers have discovered that native advertising is the way to go and they are taking advantage of this fact. There are also some general tips that can help advertisers improve the performance of their articles and attract readers’ attention:

  1. Keep your articles short and simple. There is really no need to bore readers with unnecessarily long articles, so make your campaigns brief but meaningful with key points highlighted. Also make it easy to understand and use simple terms that are easy to remember.
  2. Press releases are generally boring to most readers, as people enjoy to read stories, not emotionless facts. It is better to mix things up a little and actually look at the article from your reader’s point of view. Times are changing and readers are looking for some additional value, getting them interested will require more than the usual.
  3. Be honest and authentic. Being honest and authentic is a good way to keep your readers interested. Take things up a notch and actually teach them something real and useful while trying to pass information about your products or services.
  4. Follow the editorial format of the platform. A lot of sponsored articles end up performing way less than regular articles on a platform because most readers can tell it is sponsored at first glance. However, these posts can easily outperform editorial articles if they follow the editorial format of the page and ensure readers are not getting less value just because a post is sponsored.

- What do you think is the best way to get the most reactions from readers?

My biggest advice is – move your PR articles closer to native advertising’!

It is not enough to just talk about goods and services; take time to think about topics that are relevant to your product. It is easier for readers to remember your campaign if it can be related to activities they encounter daily. Entertain them, keep them engaged with interesting details or give answers to questions they probably have. You may be surprised how much difference this would make.

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