How to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria

How to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria

Are you looking for a good business idea that can bring you at least 500,000 Naira monthly? Then you need to learn how to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria We are happy to write this post, as it will introduce you to one awesome and highly demanded business – laundry and cleaning services.

How to start a drycleaning business in Nigeria

Laundry services

Why laundry/dry cleaning services can be a great startup in Nigeria? You should think about this. Millions of Nigerians (and our country will soon reach the 200 million population mark) require affordable and high-quality (even if pricey) services in different corners of the country.

Thousands of families in Nigeria spend most time at work and have no time to do their laundry. They won’t let anybody come to their house and wash, dry, iron attires and clothing sets, but they will be more than happy to use dry cleaning and laundry services in their village or city.

Besides, many people are poor and cannot afford to buy a dry cleaner and washing machine because of their bad power supply or lack of money to invest in such technique. Thus, they would instead use affordable dry cleaning services and do their laundry outside their house.

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Drycleaning business in Nigeria

Dry cleaning business in Nigeria

With high poverty level and many growing businesses, more and more Nigerians are willing to find a small firm or big companies to do their laundry. Thus, those smart minds that come up with an idea of purchasing a good dry cleaning machine, washing machine and launch a new laundry in their community are able to earn good profit from such services.

Some people are talking about the possibility of making 500,000 Naira per month or even more by running one or more private laundry firms.

There are several advantages of dry cleaning business:

  • This project does not require any major capital investments (you can launch a company even if you have little money at the start).
  • Your start-up laundry services can be offered from the comfort of your own home (until you earn some money to rent an office).
  • You can easily get all necessary knowledge before offering cleaning services to others.

We have created a short guide on how to start a drycleaning business in Nigeria that can work perfectly well for cleaning and laundry services even in small towns.

The best part about it is that you do not need millions of Naira to run this type of business which is great for families with low income but big goals and contemporary business ideas who are hardworking, reliable, and ambitious people.

How to start a cleaning business in Nigeria

Business start-up: what you need

You might be surprised to learn that most business ideas you come across or hear about seem complicated at the first glance. Still, any Nigerian who has the desire to start a business will get a clear picture in his or her head how to start a new company after creating a detailed plan, thinking about the investments and possible profit, and learn from other firms that are already offering similar services or products.

Here are the basic things you’ll have to think about, learn or purchase:

  • Guides on how to develop any business.
  • Tips on your marketing strategy.
  • Knowledge about types of fabric and how they act in water.
  • Knowledge of different washing techniques (dry cleaning, regular washing).
  • Knowing how to iron all possible types of fabric.
  • Getting ideas on how to fold clothes and materials, iron them, package.
  • Set of hangers and a garment conveyor.
  • Set of buckets.
  • Set of washing basins (they are comfortable for separating clothing).
  • Washing machine/dry cleaning machine
  • Iron with steam feature (along with surface where you are planning to iron clothing).
  • Detergents for washing and cleaning fabrics.
  • Power generator (it is must-have because electricity might be off in the middle of your working day).
  • Office, house or apartment (yours or the one you rent).
  • Money (from 10,000 Naira to 300,000 Naira or more).

Your investments should be based on your idea. If you are planning to run a small company (mostly based on you and your house), you don’t need too many equipment and you can save money on rent. If you have big plans and wish to start a big firm with several workers, you will need more capital at the very beginning.

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Drycleaning and laundry business start in Nigeria

How to start a cleaning company in Nigeria

So you have an idea of offering laundry services as well as cleaning services, and you already learned everything about fabrics and got knowledge of business management and advertising. What should you do now?

Step 1. Location

You have to either rent an office or use your own house as the cleaning company location. This address will be added to your website (and you have to think about launch an official site with the list of all services, location, your contacts to attract more customers).

Make sure the location is a good one, especially if you are renting an office. It should be comfortable for the families that live nearby. It can be close to shops, other offices, etc. where you can possibly get your first potential clients.

Step 2. Equipment

Purchase the equipment needed for washing, cleaning, ironing, and presenting the clothes and materials and set up your office. Make sure you carefully read instructions on each equipment you buy or even attend short-term courses on how to operate your machines.

You can also think about small important details such as tags, additional accessories, furniture, etc.

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Drycleaning business as it is

Step 3. Promotion

When you have everything set up and ready to go, you have to advertise your cleaning business in your town. Use all types of promotions you can afford because people need to learn that there is a new laundry/cleaning service in their area before they can turn into your customers.

Here are some ideas for any business, including dry cleaning and laundry:

  • You can order a big banner with the business name and place it outside your home or office to attract attention.
  • You can print our flyers with first-customer discounts and handle them to your friends and ordinary passers-by.
  • You should create a website and open accounts in all popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. The site can be free if you do it yourself, using free templates, and free platforms such as Blogger or others. You need to advertise your services on the Internet (just specify your location and learn more about SEO to gain organic search visitors who are interested in your services and can turn into your clients).
  • If you have a car, you can brand it and use for delivery (charge up extra for such service).

Step 4. Opening

Run your business and stay optimistic about your future. Be attentive, careful, and smart. Take decisions, build your client database, and work as much as you can. Remember that you can’t afford to lose a customer, so be extra helpful to each person who comes to your office.

Also, remember that your prices should look fair to your customers, and your customer service should be excellent. You have to keep finding new customers and do everything you can to turn each client into a returning customer.

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