Available grants in Nigeria in 2018

Available grants in Nigeria in 2018

More and more entrepreneurs are interested in the latest grants in Nigeria that are being given to fund diverse projects in many areas. The year 2018 is going to be quite rich in opportunities for those who have good ideas and are ready to bring them to life. Below, you will find a list of the available grants in Nigeria in 2018.

Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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The most recent and interesting grants for NGOs in Nigeria

What is a grant? It’s a subsidy that means no returning, which is given to organizations or individuals in the form of money or other support. Such subsidies are used to conduct scientific or other research and studies, construction works, education, medicine, and other goals. The only condition of giving such support is a report on the usage of the funds.

Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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What are the most common types of grants that can be found in Nigeria and other countries?

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  • Education and training. Such grants are given to students so that they can spend the money on studying abroad. Many Nigerian students receive such grants and leave for different countries to go into tertiary education there
  • Research. Such grants are normally given to postgraduates who are already working upon a certain scientific problem. They require cooperation with colleagues from other universities, regions and even countries, the access to archives and libraries
  • Travel. Such grants are given to those people who need to participate in important events like conferences, seminars or so abroad and cannot cover the cost on their own
  • Small projects. Such projects are often one-time like giving support to a certain school or gathering public opinion but sometimes they can last for a longer time. In such situations, additional grant sources are involved
Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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There’s plenty of grant opportunities for Nigerian NGOs in 2018. They include the following ones:

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  • VilCap Communities Africa. This programme was launched by the Village Capital in cooperation with the United Kingdom’s DFID (Department for International Development) seek the enthusiasts and active leaders in sub-Saharan Africa who would work for the boosting of the impact investment. The deadline is July 6, 2018
  • IOM is calling for registered Civil Society Organizations that deal with migration labor problems in and outside Nigeria. The priorities include the protection of Nigerians working in Saudi Arabia and the migrants who have come to work in Nigeria, and the extension of activities in the sphere of labor inspection. The deadline is June 29, 2018
  • Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge. The grant is meant for those whose activities are connected to the newest technologies and for those who are ready to present their technological startup ideas. The significant amounts are supposed to draw the attention of all those who wish to win. The deadline is September 15, 2018
  • Diagnostic Tools for Poverty-Related Diseases. These European grants are meant for those who need additional funding to promote their tools and methods of diagnostics, which would be more effective than the existing ones in the sub-Saharan African countries. The deadline is October 11, 2018

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Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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These are only a few of the offered grant and opportunity offers available for non-governmental organizations in 2018. If you are interested in more, welcome to the Web, which will provide you with more options on your relevant search request.

In the area of education, some of the most popular grants and opportunities are aimed at postgraduates who receive a chance to work and study further in the United Kingdom or other countries. As well, studying in the United Kingdom is one of the most popular opportunity programs for Nigerian students.

Interesting ideas for business grants in Nigeria in 2018

Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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Business grants in Nigeria are meant for entrepreneurs of different types who work in various industries. Check out a couple of examples below.

  • Tony Elumelu Foundation is aimed directly at entrepreneurs who work for profit. They offer support to business persons who are significant contributors of the economy of African countries and the moving force of their further development. You can find additional details and application conditions om their official web page
  • YouWin! Is another project for profit entrepreneurs between 18 and 40 who are not civil servants and who have a business of their own. The goal is to help young business owners exchange ideas with experts in a certain industry and thus establish working connections. You can find more instructions and application forms on their website

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Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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  • Lagos State Trust Fund (meant for entrepreneurs) is rendering the needed financial support to enterprises for the sake of their development, creation of jobs and beating unemployment, and for the development of their individual wealth. If you are a Lagos resident, this opportunity is for you
  • GroFin Fund is giving support to small and medium-size business for the sake of their development. The foundation believes that the development of small businesses is able to bring the entire country of its location to a significant growth. Try this opportunity if you have a new, just created business that needs thorough development

The available agricultural grants in Nigeria 2018

Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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In agriculture in Nigeria, the most popular grants are the ones that are provided by banks. Thus, for instance, a person can have a Central Bank loan and use it on the development of their farm. The CBN has specialized N75 billion to distribute among the farmers who need financial support for the best development of their households.

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Other banks that give out such development loans are the Bank of Agriculture, Zenith Bank, Stanbic, Union Bank, and so on. If you need additional funding, you can find it in these financial facilities. These are quite reliable sources of funds because all these loans and so on are a part of the federal support to farmers and other workers in agricultural sector in Nigeria.

Some governmental federal grants in Nigeria

Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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In addition to the mentioned bank loans powered by the federal government, there are some more interesting grant programs rendered to Nigerians by the government. If you are a farmer, you are eligible to become a member of certain associations of farmers in Nigeria and receive financial support from the state.

Farmers receive a lot of attention from the government in Nigeria. Indeed, business owners are able to receive support from other foundations and organizations while the agricultural sector stays in need practically all the time. In the meanwhile, the agricultural sector is the one in Nigeria that need significant support as one of the biggest contributors to the economy and budget of the country.

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Available grants in Nigeria 2018
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Grants have a big sitive influence on the society. By using grants for your business, you develop your enterprise and indirectly, the entire country. Developed industries, infrastructures, businesses, and business cooperation determines the development of the country. Nigeria definitely needs this positive influence of grants and the growth connected to them.

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