Innovative solutions to advertise your brand in the Nigerian market

Innovative solutions to advertise your brand in the Nigerian market

In these days when consumers get dozens of advertising messages every day, it is important to stand out of the clutter and work towards brand loyalty by bringing less annoying messages to customers.

Advertising is the essential solution that bridges the gap between your products/services and consumers; your decision on how to make the world aware of what you have to offer could completely make or mar your efforts towards making sales.

In a bid to keep up with trends and reach more people via adverts, some brilliant ideas have stemmed up in the Nigerian market that are worth trying out. Here are 2 of such ideas that are sure to help you reach more people in today’s market:

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1. Vox Pops

Vox pops have become more and more popular in Nigeria so it is no surprise that it has now become a way of reaching prospective clients. This method is really simple, get a video crew to hit the streets and talk to random people about something related to the goods or services being promoted and then share the most interesting answers online for the rest of the world to see.

To make advertising via vox pop even more effective, only the funniest and most interesting answers should be used. Nigerians like a good laugh so you can be sure people will pay attention when the video is shared online, plus you will be getting a chance to talk to people on the street about your products. This is definitely a win-win case!

Here is a good example:

2. Native advertising

Native advertising has quickly become the most effective and popular way to reach a high number of online users; it works well in holding a reader’s attention long enough to pass on your intended message without having them simply scroll past like they would when they see an obvious ad.

Native advertising is basically about giving additional value to customers - either talking about something people are interested in or solving their problems.

A good example of this would be an article about the dangers of malaria and how to prevent it using a brand’s quality mosquito nets or anti-malaria medicines. This kind of article will be relevant enough to get a reader’s attention while still telling them about a company’s goods (the mosquito nets or anti-malaria medications). It works so well that prospective clients get to learn about the advertisers products without even realizing they are doing so.

There you have it; these 2 solutions could be the missing ingredients in the success of your brand.

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