Nigerian men are the best in Africa - Ghanaian lady says

Nigerian men are the best in Africa - Ghanaian lady says

- A Ghanaian lady has caused quite a stir on social media with her rather interesting opinion about Nigerian men

- According to her post, Nigerian men are the best in the whole of Africa and the ladies should learn to appreciate them more

- She further described them as an 'upgrade' as she revealed that she is currently dating one

Just like the saying about how a prophet is never appreciated in his homeland, a Ghanaian lady may have just given a lot of Nigerian ladies some serious heavy food for thought as regards how Nigerian men really ought to be treated by them.

Identified as Zipporah, she recently gave several Nigerian men reasons to smile after she took to the Twitter platform to call out Nigerian ladies who are fond of using derogatory words to describe Nigerian men with the popular one being 'men are scum'.

In a series of tweets, Zipporah gave a detailed analysis of Nigerian men judging from her personal encounter with some. According to her, they are the best in Africa. She further revealed how her love life changed for the better the moment she started dating a Nigerian man. She also advised Nigerian ladies (to the pleasure of Nigerian men) to start treating them right or foreign women would do the job for them.

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She wrote on Twitter, "I don't understand why Nigerian ladies complain of their men, it's beyond me. Hands down, Nigerian men are the best in Africa. Their mother, sister, wife/girlfriend(s), daughter & even mother in law they treat with maximum respect. Nigerian ladies, respect your men.

Before I started moving with Nigerians, I used to think all men are the same, but as I made friends with Nigerians, I noticed all men aren't. It was very obvious in fact. The may Nigerian men talk and act to ladies is absolutely remarkable.

At first I thought they behave that way just to woo ladies. Turns out I was wrong again. Over the years, I've come to notice how 9ja men treat ladies in their life(Mother, Sister, Wife/Girlfriend, daughter) with absolute respect I began to envy

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Maybe all what I see on their movies are true after all. I can't watch from outside no more, so I started a relationship with a Nigerian, how different things became, it was like magic, saint like behavior. I couldn't believe my eyes, I was alert cos he may be working an angle

He could be playing games, but again I was wrong. After listening to conversations and gossips, I noticed that for them, it's a shame for a man to mistreat his lady. A 9ja man will say " give my woman the same respect you give me" honestly he doesn't get better

A typical 9ja man makes his lady presentable because he believes that how his peer will respect him as a man. Romantic stuff!!, he'll take care of his house and even if there's problem inside, outsiders will never notice.��

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To a typical 9ja man it's a shame to hit a lady, he'll just walk away or ignore you, I know cos I'm rude and have a quick mouth. Things you'll get a typical Bukom beating for saying to a Ghana boy, a 9ja man will just walk away

His friends can not tell you nonsense as well cos they respect you the same way they respect their friend. It's also difficult not to get carried away with "our wife" or "first lady" title you are automatically given to you by his friends.���

I had a friend that worked at a pub, she stared dating a Nigeria, one day she rushed to me and said, "it's this what you've been enjoying?" With happiness as her foundation. She has been a victim of household boxing in the past from your regularly Nii, Adjei and Kojo. She made a statement "Even if they cheat, they do it with respect"

I burst into laughter, she said she caught him texting another girl, he apologized and bought her a gift. Enjoyment paaa�. Nii will beat you for searching tru his phone �I remember I final statement that day," I can't date Ghana boys again, my level has changed "

I also remember one time when I went out with a Ghanaian, he's phone kept ringing, he gave me his phone and said "ebe my wife dey disturb me like this, tell her say she dey disturb "I picked up my phone and made sure I used my braids to flog him while walking away in disgust. I felt bad for his wife cos initially I didn't know.

Just imagine such disrespect

Gradually most of my friends now date Nigerians, and their testimony remains the same. My mum personally loves Nigerians she name me after one of her tenants when I was born. Currently she has 3 Nigerian tenants and I do talk with them a lot and I watch them closely

Closely enough to see the difference. My old her dresser came from South Africa and told me her own version of the same story. "9ja men in SA work hard for their family" they are always hustling. But kojo will walk round Accra with his friends and expect his gf to feed him. Hard Work and respect, we like���

So 9ja ladies, if you like don't take them serious. I know one thing for sure, if you let your men cross the border, they may never come back cos they'll be treated like kings elsewhere. I'm yet to see a Nigerian girl and a Ghana guy relationship, even if there is, it's rare, because the girls can't go lower than the standard they are used to. But the 9ja boys always go for the Gh ladies cos we treat them like kings.

Please if you name is Nii or Kojo, mepaakyɛw don't be angry ok. I'm just playing �Respect to the few real Ghana kings your thread coming soon. Finally, I'm grown-up enough to know my bride price hasn't been paid. On that note, I'll enjoy it while it last.Prince Charming only exists in Disneyland."

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