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Offa bank robberies: Dismissed police officer allegedly confesses to killing 20 people

Offa bank robberies: Dismissed police officer allegedly confesses to killing 20 people

Michael Adiku who was dismissed by the Nigerian police force and was arrested as the leader of a robbery gang that robbed banks and killed security operatives has reportedly confessed to his crime.

The Nation reports that Adiku reportedly said he killed a lot of people on the day of the robbery.

The dismissed officer reportedly said he had a score to settle to policemen after he was imprisoned for three years after he reportedly allowed robbers to escape.

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A police officer reportedly said the suspect had vowed to deal with policemen.

He said: “Adikwu, while in prison, had been threatening to the hearing of other inmates, that he would kill as many policemen as possible once he had the opportunity. He said that since police dismissed and made him go to prison because he released armed robbers that he too would deal with the police.

“He was the organiser of the robbery. He recruited other members and they had series of meeting while planning the attack.

“The gang went to Offa three times on surveillance mission. The police station and banks were carefully studied.

“Adikwu led three others into the police station, while others stayed outside. They walked into the station as if they wanted to lodge a complaint with their pistols concealed under their clothes.

“Immediately they entered, Adikwu said he shot the station guard he killed nine policemen at the station and carried their rifles.

“The suspects confessed that they took Tramadol and other hard drugs before embarking on the operation. Over 30 people were killed that day and Adikwu said he personally killed over 20.

“One of those he went into the police station with was Arrow (Kunle Ogunleye). They took those at the station by surprise and opened fire immediately they entered.

“The attack on the police station was a vendetta led by the dismissed policeman. After the operation, he went to each of the banks which were being robbed to issue orders. He was captured on CCTV shouting at his members, telling them what to do and what not to do.”

Continuing, the source said Ogunleye told them he did not fire any shot at the police station, adding that he killed about two people during the bank robbery.

“He said It was Adikwu that shot and killed all the policemen. He went from one office to the next, killing everyone. They only gave him cover.”

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Meanwhile, police have reportedly arrested two more suspects in the deadly armed robbery attack in Offa, Kwara state on April 5.

Premium Times reports that the development came three weeks after the police circulated pictures of four suspects who were captured by closed-circuit camera of the banks that they attacked.

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