Kenyan governor buys expensive car as birthday gift for adopted son

Kenyan governor buys expensive car as birthday gift for adopted son

- Sonko has always been a generous especially when it comes to his kids

- The governor goes above and beyond to always put a smile on his kids' faces

- Recently, his adopted son received an expensive car as he turned a year older

When Governor Mike Sonko announced in 2014 he was going to adopt baby Satrin Osinya, there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Everyone was beyond touched when the governor decided to provide the terrorism survivor with a home and a new family.

Well, it seems that isn't all. Through Instagram photos shared by Saumu Mbuvi, Sonko's eldest daughter, it was realized that baby Satrin is the newest owner of an expensive fuel guzzler.

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Saumu on Saturday, May 27, revealed her father emptied his pockets and surprised the young boy with a brand new convertible Mercedes Benz.

The sleek black vehicle was driven into the compound in style as Satrin sat at the co-driver's seat like a young boss.

It goes without saying each of the guests in the vicinity was taken by surprise as they all clapped in complete awe.

Guys, these are by far everyone's goals in life. To just have a car handed to you on your sixth birthday.

Anyways, let us appreciate the cakes and sweets our parents showered us with during our birthdays back in the day.

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Governor Sonko buys expensive car as birthday gift for adopted son who was shot in the head

In 2014, Satrine was rushed to hospital after a bullet was lodged in his head following a terrorist attack.

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His mother passed away during the ordeal which took place at a church in Likoni after she sustained a fatal bullet wound as she protected Satrin and her brother.

Sonko later decided to adopt the young boy and has provided for him ever since.

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