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Lady raises alarm after man she met online threatened to assassinate her (photos)

Lady raises alarm after man she met online threatened to assassinate her (photos)

A young Nigerian lady has called the attentions of Nigerians to a man who threatened assassinate her. The lady identified as Akinwamide Oluwatosin took to social media to raise the alarm.

The young lady claimed that the man threatened to assassinate her because she refused to meet up with him in the middle of the night. She explained that they had agreed to meet up but he arrived around 12:00am and demanded that they should meet up.

According to her, the man had been asking her to come to his place in Ogun state. The lady claimed that she refused to go because she has never been there or heard of it before.

Oluwatosin revealed that she had invited to come and meet her instead and they made an appointment to meet up at a restaurant but he didn't show up. She further added that he arrived in the middle of the night, demanding to see.

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When she refused, the man began to threaten her. In a chat she shared on her page, the man had threatened to assassinate.

She said: "So I have been chatting with this guy for a few weeks, he kept asking me to come to his place somewhere in Ogun state, a place I have never heard of, I declined, and suggested he comes to mine, few days ago he called and said he was coming to my house so I directed him to a restaurant nearby, next he said he wasn’t there yet, at 12am midnight he called and said he’s at the venue, that we should go clubbing, I told him it was midnight and gates were closed, that was it. He hung up on me and called me names, but I didn’t really, earlier yesterday morning he sent this, threatening get me assassinated."

Read chat below:

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