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Basic travel allowance in Nigeria

Basic travel allowance in Nigeria

Have you heard about basic travel allowance in Nigeria? Many foreigners and even locals come across such thing as BTA. What is the meaning of basic travel allowance? What do you have to do when you are asked to pay extra hundreds or even thousands of dollars when planning a trip abroad in 2018? All the answers and even more in our post below.

Basic travel allowance in Nigeria

What is BTA?

You have already guessed that BTA means basic travel allowance. However, this term is not official, and it is not used anywhere in the world. It is the twenty-first century out there, by the way. Nevertheless, many people still hear about basic travel allowance in Nigeria and even outside the country.

Moreover, every year thousands of Nigerians are scammed and asked to pay basic travel allowance when going to the United States of America and other countries (but no such thing even exists). This results in the loss of thousands of U.S. dollars paid to ‘someone’ who quickly disappears with the finances and is never heard of ever again.

Do you want to lose your money? Of course, the answer is ‘no.’ So keep on reading and learn what is basic travel allowance from Nigeria and how you can protect yourself.

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Basic travel allowance in Nigeria what is it

Meaning of basic travel allowance

There were times when different countries had various restrictions set up for their citizens. But even back then, basic travel allowance never meant any compulsory requirement for people.

There were many limits in the countries like the former USSR where it was illegal to exchange currency unless you had to travel abroad. Only travelers were permitted to exchange some money, there was ‘allowance’ they had to follow. However, even this was not a must-do thing, but only a privilege limited by a maximum amount of money (not minimum).

Nowadays, many foreigners and even Nigerians themselves hear that their friend, second half or someone else they know is asked to pay some minimum basic travel allowance in cash (usually, a couple of thousands of U.S. dollars) to leave the country.

People who ask for BTA are usually scammers and they want you to 'help' them financially as they are asking you to send them BTA money and help them travel abroad. Don’t believe in such situations and always keep in mind that there is no such a thing or any particular meaning of basic travel allowance in or outside Nigeria. BTA or STF (this is a similar thing: standard transit fee) has been invented by scammers who want to get your money. This happens nowadays all across Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

BTA or basic travel allowance in Nigeria

Officials about basic travel allowance from Nigeria

You can visit the official website of U.S. Embassy in Nigeria or any other Embassy sites to read about all the requirements for getting a visa, and you will find nothing about BTA.

For example, the U.S. Embassy site clearly explains that there is no such thing as BTA in or outside the country. There is only internet fraud going on all over the whole world, including Nigeria. There are also millions of victims who believed in a ‘touching story’ told by an online friend and sent their money to someone they thought was in trouble or asked for basic travel allowance cash (which they happily sent themselves and lost for good) in order to ‘depart Nigeria to the USA’ (while there is no such a requirement under U.S. or Nigerian laws).

It is true that each visa applicant who has plans to go to the USA or visit a different foreign country has to prove his or her financial report, but this has nothing to do with basic travel allowance. You can prove your financial successes with a letter from your job, letters from the bank or an invitation sent by your foreign hosts who assure they would take full financial responsibility for your visit. All these possibilities are clearly outlined by the list of visa application requirements.

P.S. As you can see, basic travel allowance or BTA does not exist in Nigeria. If you are ever asked to show your BTA in the airport, at the customs, by an Embassy ‘representative’ you need to be aware of scams. Absolutely, you are being 100% scammed, and you need to report such financial fraud to crime complaint center or call your local police office at once.

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