Best sites to download Nigerian movies

Best sites to download Nigerian movies

When you want to download good Nigerian movies from the Web, you surely want it to be safe and comfortable and the movies should be of the best quality. There’s a range of Nigerian websites where you can find such movies and download them legally and easily. Whatever you like, whenever you like, and as many as you need.

Best sites to download Nigerian movies
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How and where to download good Nigerian movies legally?

This is a question that bothers many people who have the access to the Internet and the incredible number of moves, which are available there. The point is that downloading content from the Internet illegally can be dangerous. Not that the police will come and arrest you, but your computer or another device may suffer.

Best sites to download Nigerian movies

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Illegally downloaded stuff from the Internet may contain viruses and other dangerous things that may harm your device. This is why it’s always better to download movies from reliable sources that contain only proved and reliable files.

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Below, you will find a list of the best recommended websites to download Nigerian movies. These websites are absolutely reliable and the contents there are legal. You may take advantage of these resources and be sure that you will get the highest quality.

Top websites to download Nollywood movies

Best sites to download Nigerian movies
  • Website #1. Iroko TV

This web resource has the reputation as the Nigerian (and African) Netflix. Everything you need to do is install the application and receive access to tons of Nigerian movies, which you can download on your mobile device, personal computer, and so on. The company was established in 2011.

  • Website #2. NaijaPals

Founded in 2007 as a social network and a community for entertainment, the resource has experienced a significant growth since that time. However, the essence is still the same: apart from downloading high-quality movies (made in Nigeria and Ghana), you can enjoy the social network features of this resource.

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Best sites to download Nigerian movies
  • Website #3. Buzz Nigeria

In general, this is an entertainment platform that offers access to tons of Nigerian movies as one of its special features. The portal is very popular and this is why its content is often updated. You can find there practically every product of Nollywood, starting with classical movies and ending with modern ones.

  • Website #4. Naij

Every month, 6 million visitors land on this website for diverse purposes. This is one of the most loved entertainment resources in the country. However, the audience is not limited by Nigeria only: people from Cameroon, Benin, South Africa, Egypt and many others visit the website regularly. Once there, you can enjoy hundreds of movies and other video clips.

Best sites to download Nigerian movies
  • Website #5. Nollyland

If you have landed there, you can watch a huge number of movies produced in Nigeria and many other countries. The website has an integrated player that will allow you to watch all this online. If you have an account, you will be able to download all these treasures to any of your devices.

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  • Website #6. Movie Network

This Nigerian platform is a place where you can find new movies every day. The contents are updated so often because this resource is the biggest Nigerian storage of Nollywood movies. If you are not yet registered, you will need to do so in order to have access to the videos. If you are also interested in the Nollywood news and rumors, the website will provide you with the most recent information together with the movies.

Best sites to download Nigerian movies
  • Website #7. Realnolly TV

This platform is accessible only if you are registered. If you still have no account, you will need to create one. The website offers free downloading and premium options. Besides that, in case you can’t find what you are looking for with the help of a regular search, you will be offered special request options.

  • Website #8. Naijaonpoint

The first thing people see when they reach this website, are headings from the leading publications of the world. This is the place where you can find all the most recent news on just everything that happens in the world. However, apart from the news, you can find and download many new movies there.

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Best sites to download Nigerian movies
  • Website #9. TVNolly

Another big company that allows downloading and even streaming video. This is not a purely Nigerian source of good videos. The audience of this website is all over the world. In its huge collection you will definitely find whatever you like and whatever you want to watch.

  • Website #10. NigerianFilmz

It doesn’t matter what you are searching for: the NigerianFilmz will provide you with practically anything, starting with Nigerian movies and ending with films from all around the world. All the files here are free if you decide to download them. Besides this, you can find plenty of good music here and lots of the most recent viral videos.

  • Website #11. CodedWAP

If you have encountered this website, you need to know that this is a great place where you can find plenty of Nigerian movies, streams, and even live skits made by certain online celebs. The platform offers plenty of news about the world of Nigerian celebrities, sports, politics, and much more. As well, you can find tons of high-quality music there.

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Best sites to download Nigerian movies
  • Website #12. WapBaze

This is a perfect source of media content of any sorts: music, movies, other videos, and so on. The movies include products of China, India, and Nigerian. Other options of this platform include watching different popular channels like National Geographic, sports, and others, and a chat where you can share your opinion.

  • Website #13. 123Movies

This is a storage of diverse movies from all around the world. You should feel free to download anything, no matter whether it belongs to Bollywood, Hollywood, or Nollywood. Besides that, you definitely should subscribe and start to receive a newsletter, which will inform you on all the most interesting updates.

  • Website #14. Nollyloaded

This is a resource where you can find Nollywood movies in three languages: Yoruba, Hausa, and English. You are free to choose among huge loads of dramas, comedies, soap operas, and other popular TV movies genres.

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Best sites to download Nigerian movies
  • Website #15. Ibaka TV

This is one more of the top platform for Nigerian customers where they can find, watch and download tons of high-quality Nigerian movies. Additional features of this channel involve content streaming and news services.

Being one of the biggest national entertainment companies based on the Internet, Ibaka TV keeps on growing and expanding the network over the world. They have about a million of subscribers in more than 200 countries all over the globe.

Best sites to download Nigerian movies
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Well, these are the top Nigerian resources that offer you the possibility of enjoying the best movies of the highest quality. Take advantage of any of them depending on your goals and mood. You can be sure: they are safe enough and all the files you can get from them will never harm your devices.

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