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Who is Bobrisky?

Who is Bobrisky?

Bobrisky has enjoyed the status of national sensation for the past few years. Everyone in Nigeria (and even abroad) is fascinated by this peculiar individual. But who is Bobrisky really? How did he manage to become who he is today? Find out the answers as we discuss Bobrisky before and after fame, including his mysterious ‘bae’.

Who is Bobrisky?


Bobrisky biography

If you are a Snapchat user, chances are, you know of Bobrisky. He has been making waves on the platform for the past few years, becoming one of the most famous people in the region, all because he prefers to wear feminine clothing and makeup. Bobrisky’s social media (@bobrisky222 on Snapchat and Instagram) is full of both fans and haters.

So who is hiding behind the name ‘Bobrisky’? Well, it is someone who was once known as Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju. He was born on August 31, 1992 in Ebute-Metta, Lagos in a Muslim family; however, he later admitted that he has never actually been a practicing Muslim. Idris’ father had three wives and several children, with Idris being the youngest.

Despite growing up in a Muslim household (and in a quite conservative country, at that), young Okuneye became very interested in feminine. Surprisingly, his father did not actually mind, but his mother was furious. She used to punish Idris whenever she caught him wearing a wig and or makeup. That said, his mother came around over time, and the two remained very close up until her death in 2008.

Bobrisky before


Okuneye spent his formative years at King’s College, where he already became a local celebrity. Even though he was not yet dressing up femininely or wearing heavy makeup, he was still the most stylish boy in school, which attracted a lot of attention to him.

Idris then went to the University of Lagos, where he studied Accounting. Over the years, his fame only grew bigger, as people became very interested in his style and wanted to look like him. Sensing an opportunity, Okuneye decided to re-sell clothes that were his style to his classmates, doubling their price.

This allowed him to open a boutique in Ikeja, which he called Bob (short for ‘Bobo’, his childhood nickname). When he became even more popular, he took the name Bob for himself, added ‘risky’, and thus Bobrisky was born. He started dressing up more femininely and wearing heavy makeup, even though still identifying as a man, thus confusing the hell out of people and getting even more famous.

before and after


Nevertheless, real fame came to Bobrisky when his skin went from being dark brown to almost white. In one of his many interviews, he admitted that during one fateful trip to Dubai he came across a skin lightening cream. Over the next few months, he slowly became lighter and lighter, until his skin turned light beige. When you look at Bobrisky old pictures, it almost seems like it is someone completely different.

Around the same time, he got himself an account on Snapchat, where he liked to show off his lavish lifestyle and talk about his mysterious ‘bae’, who turned out to be a man. In a matter of months, Bobrisky became a Snapchat sensation. His feminine clothes, makeup and flamboyant behaviour combined with talks of bae, fancy environments and slowly lightening skin got him followers and haters alike.

After it became apparent that many people wanted to know his skin-bleaching secret, Bobrisky decided to come up with his own line of lightening products. According to him, despite quite an extreme price tag of $400, the creams and scrubs were flying of the shelves. These days, we could not find any online retailers selling Bobrisky’s products, so we cannot tell you whether they are still available now and at what price.



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Not that long ago, pictures of Bobrisky appeared, where he was posing with Tayo Sobola and Toyin Afolayan. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he apparently ventured into acting, as he starred alongside these actresses in Ojuloge, a Nollywood movie directed by Sotayo.

Recently, Bobrisky gave an interview to Broadway TV, where he talked about why he looked and acted the way he did. He thinks of himself as a cross-dresser and entertainer, which is why he chooses to dress and appear femininely.



According to him, it is bringing him good money, from ₦600 to 700 thousand per week. Bobrisky also admitted that he wanted to grow a bosom to make the ‘female illusion’ even more believable. Who knows, maybe soon we will see some Bobrisky pictures with an impressive cleavage.

There are a lot of other things we could tell you about Bobrisky, but if we were to recount every single story involving him, such as, for instance, his drama with the BBNaija contestant Nina, we would be here all day, so let’s move on. You might have noticed that we have barely mentioned the mysterious bae Bobrisky seems so fond of. That is because we have a whole separate section just for him.

The curious case of Bobrisky bae

Bobrisky bae


One of the reasons Bobrisky is so popular is because of his constant mentions of a secret bae. The secrecy around this man has certainly fuelled people’s interest. Taking into account that homosexuality is a criminal offense in Nigeria, he has taken a big risk putting his private life out for everyone to see, but it seems like it has paid off, all things considered.

On numerous occasions, Bobrisky mentioned his bae’s generosity, flaunting expensive gifts from him. That said, he did not reveal his name or face to the public. Nevertheless, he once mentioned on his Snapchat that he was dating an older man who was apparently a government official.



Just a few weeks back, Bobrisky took everyone by surprise with the news of him and his bae tying the knot. He shared photos from the wedding reception, looking very beautiful in a bridal gele. Bobrisky also posted a sneak peak of the bae to his Snapchat, where the face was covered by a large heart emo.



But the story would not be half as interesting if it did not turn out that the man in the picture was a US Senator Eddie Melton. What is more, the whole thing with the marriage is actually fake! Bobrisky came out and admitted that there was no wedding in the works. There was a bridal photoshoot, but Bobrisky is yet to become a ‘bride’.

All things considered, Bobrisky still remains one of the most popular Internet celebrities in Nigeria. Every time, he just comes up with something new to keep the public interested. We are curious to see what he comes up with next.

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