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Happy Children's Day quotes wishes

Happy Children's Day quotes wishes

Children’s Day is approaching! May 27th is a blessed holiday. On this day, we have to celebrate children because they are the future of Nigeria and the whole world. We are confident that in many years, our kids will change our country for the better. For now, here are some Happy Children’s Day quotes wishes.

Happy Children's Day quotes wishes

Quotes on Happy Children’s Day

Nowadays, Children’s Day is gaining more and more popularity annually. This holiday is celebrated every year on May 27th. The official establishment of the holiday in Nigeria took place in 1964. For primary and secondary schools, this is a public celebration. Usually, the schoolchildren go out or are rewarded with performing jobs equally with adults. Some children are chosen to march in the official parade. Lots of charity organizations throw special parties where children from less privileged families can feel like they are no different from their privileged peers. This day is also celebrated by religious groups. The media sums up the brightest achievements that have been brought by youngsters.

Now you know why this holiday is so significant in Nigeria and gets such large celebrations. See the best happy Children’s Day funny quotes, along with the serious and touching ones.

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Happy Children’s Day quotes: the best compilation

  • There are three things you could learn from a child. The first one is being happy without reason. The second one is being busy with something. The third one is knowing how to get what you really want without ego getting in your way. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
  • Children are the ones who spread the most happiness and joy all the time. They are God’s most beautiful creations, and through them, God spreads the love. Happy Children’s Day to you!
  • It’s Children’s Day! Today, we have to celebrate the beauty and glory of our children. We have to hold them close to our heart, tell them that we love them, and sing them the most beautiful songs. Do not ever let the childhood spirit in you fade away!
  • Time is the most valuable thing that we can give to our children. If you give love to your child, over time, you will see a determined man or a strong woman standing in front of you. Children need role models, not the critics. Love your children unconditionally and make sure to remind them of your warm feelings as often as you can.
  • Today, in honor of Children’s Day, I want to send a heartfelt message from my inner child to your inner child. Never let the spirit of this child die out because all of us need a little piece of childhood in our lives. Most of us adults really have to learn something from our children – the joy of life, the happiness in every moment, and the unconditional love that they give to the world. Embrace your inner child and never let go.
  • Some of us have trouble realizing how lucky we are to be parents. In fact, we are so busy with everyday routine and are getting worked up over small things, but once you see your child’s smile and receive a cuddle, you instantly forget all the worries in the world.
  • No matter what our children will grow up to become, they are still our beloved little babies. The biggest gift you can give to your child is love and support. Happy Children’s Day!
  • Living without children can be compared to living without sun, moon and stars. People who raise children are the blessed ones because the youngsters will grow up into respectable people one day. Treat your children with love every day!
  • Today is Children’s Day, and this means that we all have to swear that we will guide our children towards the better. We have to teach them how to become the better people than we are. Happy holiday!

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  • Childhood is childhood. It is about having fun, being wild and free, and not caring about problems. At the same time, it is also about learning the important truths about yourself and life. Teach your children love and respect, and let them enjoy their young years. Happy Children’s Day!
  • Children are innocent and sweet, but also intelligent and smart. They are our future and the future of humanity. Children are the angels that God sent on this Earth to bless us. I want to wish children all the best on this beautiful Children’s Day.
  • All of the discussions are about leaving the good planet for our children, but why does nobody talk about leaving the good children for our planet?
  • Children are the examples of how to be free, careless, happy and joyful. Their attitude is something that some stressed and grumpy adults need to learn. Our children are able to enjoy life to the fullest, and we should follow their path. Happy Children’s Day!
  • May every child be blessed with eternal laughter, joy, and love. Each one of us has to stay a child deep inside, and not let the struggles of adult life get to us. Happy Children’s Day to everyone!
  • Every adult has two main gifts to give to a child – the first one is roots, and the second one is wings. The roots symbolize responsibility, while the wings mean independence. Always inspire your child to become a better person and set a good example for your little girl or boy. Wishing you a happy Children’s Day!
  • Some things can not be bought with money. One of these things is the spirit and joy of childhood. Remember how happy you were as a child, and always cherish this feeling. And of course, never take it away from your own children. Happy Children’s Day!
  • We are children. We are the future of humanity. We are the hope for the better. We symbolize life. Happy National Children’s Day!
  • Children are the greatest gift that God could ever give to us. Of course, they deserve their own holiday, where we celebrate their spirit and happiness. Wishing everyone a Happy National Children’s Day!
Happy Children's Day
  • Never use children as means for completing your goals. Let them have their own path in life. You can guide them, but always let them be their own person. On Children’s Day, tell your children how much you love and cherish them, and how your life would be incomplete without them.
  • Educating your children for becoming rich is not the main purpose of life. The primary goal is to teach your children how to become truly happy. The happy person will always share their good vibes with other people, and this is the only way how the world can become a better place.
  • The only thing that the child needs to be happy is love and support from their parents. Never forget to tell your little one about your love. Happy National Children’s Day!
  • The key to good parenting is not treating your child as a child but as your best friend. Always respect your children, and one day they will respect you.
  • If you smile more, then your child will learn to smile and be happy from you. Always give positivity to your children, because this is the only thing they need to preserve their childhood spirit. Congratulations on National Children’s Day!
  • The National Children’s Day is given to us so we could realize how much we need to support our kids in all their beginnings and initiatives, and build a new generation that is better than ours.
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These were the best quotes that you can share on Children’s Day. Some of them contain important pearls of wisdom that everyone has to know. Make sure to spread them around!

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