5 reasons why so many smart women are single

5 reasons why so many smart women are single

Do you think being a smart woman in a society filled with stereotypical beliefs makes it hard to be in a relationship? There is a general belief that women who are smart are proud, overconfident and egoistical.

While many believe this to be the definition of a smart woman. Being smart actually means someone who is a quickwitted and intelligent. Someone who would be able make a simple idea into a great one.

In a country like Nigeria, there are still people who don't believe in gender quality, people who believe that men should be smarter than women and even people who believe that a woman must always submit to her male partner no matter the circumstances.

A topic about smart women not being able to stay in a relationship or get married on Legit.ng Facebook page and many of our users shared reasons they believe smart women are not married. Legit.ng compiled a list of 5 reasons below:

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1) Stereotype

Many of Legit.ng readers stated that it is natural for men to be smarter than women and a woman who is 'thinks' she is smarter than her husband or boyfriend is not fit to be in a marriage or a relationship.

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2) Men are intimidated by smart women

According to some of our readers, men are intimidated by smart women. A reader stated that some men only love the idea of a smart woman but they cannot actually handle a lady being smarter than them.

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3) Smart women lack submission

It was also noted that some women who are smart and educated refuse to submit to their husbands. They argued that these smart ladies fail to follow the way of religion which believes that women should submit to their husbands.

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4) Smart women are not homemakers

Smart women don't believe that a woman's job or purpose should be homemaking. They don't believe that women are supposed to take care of their husbands, children and feed them.

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5) Pride

A reader stated that smart women don't find husbands because they are prideful.

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