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Linda Ikeji pregnancy details

Linda Ikeji pregnancy details

Have you heard about Linda Ikeji pregnancy? Breaking news for the Nigerian Internet community! Her sister posted photos with a Linda’s bulging tummy. All fans congratulate the blogger.

Linda Ikeji (

Linda Ikeji pregnancy

The Nigerian Internet community has stirred up unexpected news: Linda Ikeji is pregnant. Probably there is none Nigerian active user of the World Wide Web who does not know Linda Ikeji blog. The famous blogger made a dizzy blogger career and earned fabulous money with her talent and diligence. A few years ago she bought an expensive house in Banana Island in Lagos.

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The joyful news was reported to the public by her sister Laura. The baby’s father is not known yet. Linda got engaged several months ago. The very same blogger call him just a friend.

Linda Ikeji was known as an adherent of celibacy. She was not in a hurry to become pregnant. And now, we listen to the grandiose news: Linda is pregnant at of thirty-seven.

The blogger’s fans greeted the Linda Ikeji pregnancy news warmly. People started to congratulate her on the Internet many showered her with the best wishes. Some users even joked about it.

Linda Ikeji pregnancy (

Source ‘The Sun published a touching post about Linda's pregnancy.

Here, she talks to the public how she learned about her pregnancy. The girl told us that she could not believe her pregnancy and checked the test several times. Linda stated that her friend cried with happiness having learned about good news.

We can learn that she babysat neighbors' babies and younger relatives in her childhood and now she will become a mother herself. She also mentioned that she's expecting a son.

We certainly wish her God's blessings.

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