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Falana makes strong case for Africa against corrupt Europeans

Falana makes strong case for Africa against corrupt Europeans

- Femi Falana (SAN) has said that European countries are more corrupt than nations in Africa

- Falana remarked that Britain, America and their companies in Africa support corruption

- He admonished African leaders to stop seeing the continent in bad light

Human rights lawyer and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Femi Falana has said that Africa is not more corrupt than the Western world and that in fact, reverse is the case.

Falana said: “There has been a massive and accelerated transfer of much of the wealth from the developing world into developed economies around the world, much of which was looted from various Treasuries across Africa and in the rest of the developing world.”

The SAN made this claim in a publication titled Human Rights Issues Surrounding the Non-Return of Assets to Countries of Origin, which was delivered at the 8th annual conference of anti-corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa held on Friday, May 18 in Abuja, Vanguard reports.

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Falana said: “African governments and anti-corruption bodies should stop labeling Africa as a continent of corrupt people. London is the centre of global corruption. The banks of western countries receive and keep stolen wealth from Africa and other developing countries.

“Throughout the 1970s and much of the 1980s, money leaving Africa into Europe and other parts of the world took an upward trajectory, leaving essential services to rot and decay.

"What then followed was a serious economic crisis across Africa, which witnessed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) setting up offices inside the various ministries of finance in state after state on the continent, as it tried to help implement a harsh austerity programme to “re-adjust” the various economies.

“The idea of untrammelled, free movement of capital economic orthodoxy has long been dead and buried.

"Western Governments, especially the USA, now freely impose sanctions against countries, for instance, Iran and Russia, even against specific individuals and companies in those countries and elsewhere in the world.

Why then have corrupt political leaders in Africa and their stolen wealth not attracted the same level of vigour and scrutiny?

“Stolen wealth is not an abstract idea dangling in the air; it fosters poverty, diseases and illiteracy, ill-health and general social deprivations. It also subverts good governance and the rule of law of the country from which the wealth has been stolen.

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“Multinational corporations and politically exposed persons from western countries enjoy almost absolute immunity in many African states. While Africans are prosecuted for engaging in corrupt practices their foreign accomplices who are treated like sacred cows due to political pressure from their home governments."

Meanwhile, reported that Falana had listed 10 alleged corruption cases that can fetch $74.5 billion and N2.5 trillion for the Nigerian government if prosecuted to full term.

The senior lawyer said resolving the high-profile cases would also prove that the federal government is focused on ridding the country of corruption.

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