Big Brother Naija housemates ages in 2018

Big Brother Naija housemates ages in 2018

Despite the fact that the show loved by millions of Nigerians has come to an end and the name of the winner has been announced, lots of fans continue searching for info about their favorite contestants and are curious about Big Brother Naija housemates age.

Big Brother Naija 2018

Big Brother Naija housemates

Fans anticipated the show so much, the housemates have already become new idols for Nigerian youth. Their lives are a point of discussion for many. Let’s have a closer look at each housemate.

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Big Brother Naija housemates: Ahneeka


Age: 25

Her biggest feat is participating in Big Brother Naija 2018. Her family was shocked once they found out about her “new house” but they supported her until the end.

What makes her angry with people: insincerity

Big Brother Naija housemates: Tobi


Age: 23

Tobi’s dream has come true. He always wanted to go to the House. The biggest pain he has experienced: seeing his dad cry at his mom’s funeral

His hobbies are football, photography, singing, poetry, dancing, and rapping.

What makes him angry with people: fake emotions

Big Brother Naija housemates: Alex


Age: 21

Her advantage over others: unique and daring personality. She is keen on dancing and social media. Alex likes being in the spotlight a lot.

What makes her angry with people: dirtiness of souls

Big Brother Naija housemates: Angel


Age: 31

He is fond of swimming, martial arts, playing the guitar and computer games. He worked with an American rapper and is very proud of it.

What makes him angry with people: those who try to impose their opinions.

Big Brother Naija housemates: Anto


Age: 28

Anto was born and brought up in the United States of America. Her first visit to Nigeria was at the age of 20. She loves laying on beaches, dancing, and cooking.

What makes her angry with people: laziness

Big Brother Naija housemates: Bambam


Age: 28

She was a student of a famous film school. It helped her get over a difficult period of life. What is more, it gave an impetus to her career.

What makes her angry with people: dishonesty

Big Brother Naija housemates: Bito


Age: 26

He lost his mum very early. Bitto loves his family so much and feels their support wherever he is. His hobbies are traveling, photography, and movies. Blood from different parts of Nigeria run through his veins.

What makes him angry with people: those who gossip behind someone’s back

Big Brother Naija housemates: Cee-C


Age: 25

That girl exudes confidence and seems to be totally satisfied with her life. She loves wearing dresses and looks smart. She likes reading novels to broaden her horizon.

What makes her angry with people: those who judge others

Big Brother Naija housemates: Dee-One


Age: 27

This guy has a good sense of humor. He likes reading the Bible and different kind of poetry. Dee-One enjoys rapping, singing, and dancing. His artistic nature helps him look at the bright side of life no matter what.

What makes him angry with people: lack of good sense of humor

Big Brother Naija housemates: Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada

Age: 26

This lady represents a self-made woman. She made the first million by herself. Ify Ennada knows what it means to work hard, play hard. She enjoys online shopping, drinking Mojitos, parties, and karaoke. Ifu can’t live without social media.

What makes her angry with people: bullies and those who put their noses in the business of others.

Big Brother Naija housemates: K.Brule


Age: 23

His mother's sickness made him leave university to take care of her. Years have gone by, now his mom supports him in Big Brother Naija. Most of his time, Brule rehearses in his studio or play football with friends.

What makes him angry with people: rudeness

Big Brother Naija housemates: Khloe


Age: 24

She is an avid fan of horror movies. Khloe doesn’t like the fact that she is often misunderstood. If she were a world leader, Khloe would like to abolish university education.

What makes her angry with people: lies

Big Brother Naija housemates: Leo


Age: 25

He is a fan of football Premier League. Another of his passion is basketball. Leo is good at Maths. His keen intellect often surprises people. He is like a lion, always ready to defend his dearest.

What makes him angry with people: snoring

Big Brother Naija housemates: Lolu


Age: 29

He is fond of traveling, reading, playing board games, and eating. The graduate of University of Ilorin likes making up poems, dancing, and singing. His father didn’t know about his participation in Big Brother Naija, but his sister supported him so much.

What makes him angry with people: arrogance

Big Brother Naija housemates: Nina


Age: 21

Nina is very sociable. It seems like talking is her food. She is sure of the fact that everyone will love her for her sincerity.

What makes her angry with people: too much arrogant people and liers

Big Brother Naija housemates: Miracle

And at last, we have come to the winner of BB Naija in 2018.


Age: 24

He has just graduated from aviation school. It is a great achievement in his life as it was financially demanding. Miracle follows fashion and enjoys dancing and camping.

What makes him angry with people: fake people

We hope that the info provided in our post was useful and have learned something exciting and new about the people you like. Hope that the next season of Big Brother Naija will bring interesting personalities worth of the public attention.

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