Netcom Africa Internet plans in 2018

Netcom Africa Internet plans in 2018

Both business and individual Internet users are interested in the available Netcom Africa services and plans. The fast-growing company claims that the quality of their services is high enough to satisfy everyone’s needs. Let’s check whether it’s true.

Netcom Africa Internet plans 2018

Netcom Africa: why them?

Netcom Africa has been one of the chief providers of Internet services in Nigeria since 2004. Their services embraced VSAT, fiber technologies, radio, and WiMAX. Today, the company is one of the leading transformers in the sphere of business solutions.

Netcom Africa Internet plans 2018

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They claim that they are keeping pace with everything new that’s happening in the sphere of IT and specific business, trying to meet the growing demands of the developing nation. Cloud technologies, data centers, all the newest inventions in the area of information technologies are in the focus of their attention.

All this sounds very attractive to the clients who are searching for the best quality for their business and individual needs. So, what are the existing services Netcom Africa offers?

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Netcom Africa services

Netcom Africa Internet plans 2018

The company has a range of attractive offers, which will be listed below with a little useful information regarding each of them.

The access solutions the company offers involve:

  • The FiberMax technology that provides a much higher speed of the Internet connection. This is claimed to be the highest speed Internet in Nigeria
  • The AirMax radio is another connectivity solution also known as the last mile solution that helps business connect to the optic fiber network
  • The broadband LTE means the access to 4G technologies that help deliver both mobile and fixed services
  • The satellite services that are meant for corporate clients, resellers and governmental needs all over the nation involving the most remote locations
  • The VSAT system, which is claimed to be fully integrated, combines the most innovative and revolutionary ideas and technologies for the best result
Netcom Africa Internet plans 2018

Apart from these, the company also offers dedicated Internet that is said to be a great solution for business needs due to the increased bandwidth; net access solutions that help employers manage the effectiveness of their employees through blocking unwanted websites; leased lines that provide the fastest connection due to the absence of other users.

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What’s more, the company offers options of virtual private networks, CloudCover services that provide multi-network services connected with mobile data, and private networks that are perfect for business needs, for example, data transfers that should be protected from other users.

As soon as you may be interested more in the available Netcom Africa Internet plans, below you will find some information on the available Internet packages and their details. Check them out and compare to your personal or business needs.

Netcom Africa Internet package details

Netcom Africa Internet plans 2018

Netcom Africa has three levels of access to the Internet. Gold users are granted the unlimited access to the Internet. Silver users have the first level access. Bronze users are given the second level access to the Internet.

There are the following packages offered by Netcom Africa:

  • Maritime VSAT by Netcom

This package combines three fronts of revolutionary technologies and innovations: the cutting edge, the satellite network (using the Ku-band technology), the mighty spread spectrum powered by VaSat, and the own antenna technology provided by Netcom Africa. The combination provides probably the best quality of access to the Internet (heavy-duty access) while at sea.

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The download speed of this package makes about 1Mbit/sec while the upload speed makes about 512kbit/sec. This satellite Internet package is based on monthly payments.

  • Netcom VSAT

This satellite Internet package by Netcom Africa offers a high bandwidth, which is especially important for businesses and big corporations and for remote locations. The package provides its capacity over the Ku-band and C-band and the plan is created in such a way that it works for the bandwidth in both shared and dedicated options.

The download speed of this package makes about 1Mbit/sec while the upload speed makes about 512kbit/sec. This satellite Internet package is based on yearly payments.

Netcom Africa Internet plans 2018
  • Medium Orbit VSAT

The satellite package offered by Netcom Africa provides all the benefits that are available only with the fiber: the higher speed, reliability, increased performance, and so on. If you need a highly reliable and secure channel for corporate needs and a good connection to practically any chosen location, this is what you need.

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The download speed of this package makes about 1Mbit/sec while the upload speed makes about 512kbit/sec. This satellite Internet package is based on monthly payments.

All the prices on the mentioned packages are available on request. You can find out everything you need to know in detail from the technical support of the company. They are ready to serve you immediately from the official website of the company through a live chat, via emails or on the phone. You can also feel free to drop at their office in the Petroleum Towers.

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