OPINION: Why APC stakeholders were dissatisfied with Adamawa wards' congress by Chris Alu

OPINION: Why APC stakeholders were dissatisfied with Adamawa wards' congress by Chris Alu

Editor's note: Chris Alu, a political analyst based in Abuja, writes on the just concluded ward congresses of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Analysing the party congresses which took place in across states in Nigeria Alu, highlighted reasons why many APC stakeholders were aggrieved after the Adamawa state chapter's ward congress.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) ward congresses that were conducted on May 5, 2018, across the country were marred by irregularities ranging from total exclusion of candidates to contest for the EXCOs elections, untimely issuance of forms to contestants as well as intimidation and injustice to the extent that it attracted lots of opprobrium by the people across the States.

In Adamawa state for instance, forms were issued out late to certain candidates who were willing to contest for the EXCO at the ward level, some were out rightly denied the opportunity completely; meaning that they would not be allowed to vote for candidate of their choice during the August /September primaries.

The reasons for denying them the right to participate in the process was not stated but it was obvious that the party officials were fulfilling the maxim of some certain authorities at the State level, therefore, throwing confusion in the camp of those that were being side-lined.

It was based on this reason that the aggrieved people raised alarm and it attracted the attention of their representatives at the national level, who helped to build the party at the state level.

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The politicians at the national level felt there was no point in destroying what they had sweated to build in just one moment of injustice hence they are calling on well-meaning party supporters to come to the rescue of the party.

At this point, denying party men and women their right to participate in the conduct of the ward congress election portends disaster for the party. These are people who were involved in the dethronement of PDP and enthronement of APC in the state.

Disenfranchising them from a crucial party process like the ward congress is detrimental to the internalisation of democracy which the party needs to survive the turbulent waters of party politics in Nigeria.

The aggrieved people expressed their loss of confidence in the leadership of the party, saying pointedly that the anti-corruption stand of the party was not reflecting on its executives, whom they said were betraying the trust of the leaders of the party.

They felt this development was not healthy for democracy since corruption was not only on financial shoplift but also denying their right to vote was part of it and will spell dome for the party if it is allowed to continue.

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All those who were starved of forms and likewise disenfranchised for delegates election were supporters of Senator Abdul’Aziz Murtala Nyako, Senator representing Adamawa Central and Senator Ahmad Abubakar Mo’Allahyidi, Senator representing Adamawa South, as well as Lawal Babachir, Markus Gundiri ,Nuhu Ribadu among others.

Senator Nyako who stood up for the injustice meted out to their supporters by the congress committee chairman Mahmud Musa, described it as inequality displayed at the highest level and which was uncalled for and needed to be tackled.

Senator Nyako further explained that, this was the kind of unfair treatment done by the previous administration that led the people to vote massively for APC, therefore the party cannot afford to do such at this time.

Secondly, that Murtala Nyako conducted a free and fair primaries to the satisfaction of all without intimidation and molestation in APC which needed to continue and anything short of that would not be acceptable.

While calling on their supporters to remain calm and law abiding ,he said what has happened now being the first congress to be conducted by the party was uncalled for and they never expected such to happen because that was not what they bargained for.

Senator Nyako and co are therefore calling on President Muhammadu Buhari and the party executives to address the injustice meted out to loyal party supporters otherwise the fate of the party hangs in the balance.

A letter has since been submitted to the appropriate level while they await for the reply and action to be taken immediately.

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Though they were promised that quick action would be taken, the earlier the action is taken, the better it will be for all so that both parties can move on with their businesses.

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