Realtionship blogger shares details of marriage that lasted one week

Realtionship blogger shares details of marriage that lasted one week

There appear to be trouble in paradise after a certain northern couple separated just a week after their lavish wedding ceremony. According to relationship blogger, Untanglee, the groom caught his wife cheating and sent her back to her parents house with a plan to destroy her chances of settling down with another man.

Social media users have been called to play judge over a recently divorced couple who got it wrong a week after throwing a lavish wedding and exchanging marital vows in the presence of family and friends.

According to reports, the groom, Abdul (name replaced) married Karima (name replaced) and found out she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend, Bala (name replaced). Abdul's reality was shattered when he read their messages in which his newly wed bride promised to not get pregnant so she can leave him in a year when Bala promised he will be ready to take her as his bride.

Relationship blogger, Utanglee shared the story on Instagram, revealing that the groom, Abdul has sent Karima packing and has refused to divorce her legally to prevent her from being able to remarry, while he can go ahead to marry as many as three wives if he pleases.

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The post read: "I remember owing you guys a gist. I was writing for permission to share it with you all. Please note; This is not an attempt to bring anyone down. Names used are fiction, however, story remains 100% Real.

So far, I have read and come across shocking stories, some stick for a while, but this one amazingly takes the prize. It has been on mind ever since I heard of it, perhaps because i know the couple eveb before they got married. Groom happens to be my younger sister's best friend, at a point, we thought they were dating. Bride on the other hand was my sister's school mother back in the day. That makes us family to an extent.

We all know a Bala guy, Karima (the bride) was seeing, it was serious, not until she started seeing Abdul (groom) who happens to be her friend for 10 good years. As recent as last year, I heard she and Bala were still seeing (Not dating though). Abdul proposed last year and she said yes, he sent his people and preparation for the wedding immediately started. I'd personally spoken to her about Bala when I noticed she replies his comment on romantic post her on Instagram and tag him on some, I remembered telling her to end whatever that is left between them, for the fact that Abdul is not on social media does not mean one of his sisters who follow you won't see what you are up to with Bala that's supposed to be an ex. Did I also tell y'all Bala and karima dated for three years?

Not to bore you with so much details, bala is or was not ready for marriage, Karima was coming of age with pressure from peers, family and friends, she decided to let go of Bala who was adamant on not being ready to get married. She once said, she left Bala not because she doesn't love him, but because he is not ready and time is ticking.

Fast forward to a night before the wedding, Abdul claimed to have intercepted a whatsapp conversation between his fiancee and Bala, she pleaded for forgiveness and promised to block him which he said she did. A week after the lavish wedding (I still have sweet photos I took with my phone that I cannot post right now) Karima would be on the phone for long, Abdul always get a user busy response whenever he calls, he sure knew it was Bala cause Karima is so bad at lying.

What caused the separation was when Abdul took Karima's phone a night before he sent her parking and read a message thus:

Bala: "Just promise me you won't have a child with him, if you do, I will kill myself. Give me a year and few months. Zanzo (I will come) and will take you away dan Allah."

Karima: B I have told you, he married my body, you've got the soul, bazan haihuba (I won't give birth) if I must, saidai (unless) if it's yours.

In Abdul's words: I could not believe Karima is this cold. The next morning he drove her to her parent's and told her to expect her things. Till this moment, Abdul has not obliged to meet with her family nor his own regarding the issue. he said she will remain legally married to him but in real sense not married. (Northerners use this tactics to waste a woman's time. She cannot remarry since by law she is still his wife, but he on the other hand can marry as many as three)."

Na wa o!

Meanwhile, another husband recently caught his wife cheating with a married man and decided to disgrace her on social media.

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