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La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018 list has not changed a lot at the top since the last year. Last weekend the teams in La Liga had played the 37th tour of the league. There were a few surprises and essential games played but in negeral everything is pretty clear on the top of the team table. The Barcelona won the championship before its ending, and the formal rewarding was done just on the beginning of the El-Classico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. As for best goal scorers in the league, there is also not a lot of intrigues.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

One of the best football players in the world not only these days but in the whole history of the game is continuing to make his and team fans happy. Before the last tour of the tournament, Lionel Messi has 34 scored goals in 35 matches and additionally he has done 15 resultative assists to his teammates.

He is also pretending to be the best goalscorer among all top-leagues around the world. His nearest opponent the Egyptian Mohamed Salah from Liverpool, England scored 32 goals, but the English Premier League season ended last weekend. Getting back to Spain and La Liga, let’s take a look at top 10 scorers of the highest division here.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

Lionel Messi

Barcelona had an excellent chance to go down in history and become one with the great teams that did not lose throughout the championship. A unique achievement was practically in the pocket of "Blaugrana", but the irreparable happened. Messi was not declared for the match by a team from Barcelona. The Argentinean did everything he could for the team this season and deserved to rest before the World Cup.

And it's not Messi's problem that without him Barcelona is an entirely different team. As it was mentioned, the leader of the team has 34 scored goals in 35 matches this season which means that Leo Messi scored almost one goal in every game he participates in. Moreover, he made 15 resultative passes to his teammates who scored the goals. His impact on teams success is enormous, and no one in Spain can score more than Messi this season. He is going directly to his fifth Golden Boot trophy.

Cristiano Ronaldo

La Liga

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The Portuguese is having another tremendous season this year. Despite this fact, his team was not very successful in La Liga this year (only 3rd place at the moment) he has done everything he could. He participated in fewer games than Lionel Messi, and probably this is the main reason why he is second.

This year he won’t be the best goalscorer, but he is still among on the highest positions. CR7 played only 26 matches in which he scored 25 goals, including three from 11-meter mark (Leo Messi scored two goals from penalties this year). On the average, this is 0,96 goals per match. This option of statistic is equal for Argentinian and Portugalia. The main reason why the Real Madrid player spent not so many games in La Liga is that the coach wanted to keep him for the Champions League. And this is very reasonable taking in consideration that on the 26th of May he will play in the third in a row Champions League final which will be in Kiev, Ukraine.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

Luis Suarez

It is the fact that the striker from Uruguay is one of the best goleadores in the world these days. However, this season is not very successful for him. After one of the leaders of Barcelona's attacking group was transferred to Paris Saint-Germain, they lost a lot in their strength and the results of Uruguayan is the best image of it.

On the other hand, his result is good enough if we will take into consideration the fact that he is playing in league with two top players in the world. 25 goals in 32 games and a champions medal are an excellent motivation to be even better in the next season. In the 38th match l. Suarez will have a good chance to add a few goals to his score and to move Cristiano Ronaldo to the 3rd place.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

Iago Aspas

Despite the fact that Celta today is not the team we saw a few years ago in Europa League, it is still playing good and keeps its positions. And there are still some players who are showing embarrassing results from season to season. This year one of the team heroes is a 30-year-old Spanish striker Iago Aspas.

He scored in this Spanish La Liga campaign 20 goals in 33 games and took the 4th position in high scorers list. A very good result for the player from the team which is on the 13th position at the end of a 38-game marathon. Moreover, Iago Aspas is one of the candidates to go with Spanish National team to Russia. For the player, this is chance of a lifetime to become a winner of the World Cup with his national team.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is one of the most talented football players ever. However, it seems that now his role in the Athletico from Madrid decreased a bit. In the last two years, his progress has slowed, and any football fan has mentioned it. Experts think that now it is time for him to move to another club and to try to find himself in new conditions especially now when every team has ambitions to become a world grand with star players.

Griezmann is a star, and the 19 goals in 31 game show it brightly. A not very high but mobile Frenchman terrorise the defence of the Athletico opponents and uses every chance to create the danger near their net. He also provides his teammates with classy passes and nine assists is a clear proof of it. Probably this is the last season for Antione in the squad of Athletico de Madrid, but we hope he will continue to make his fans happy with his scoring and dribble skills.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

Cristhian Stuani

Girona becomes a real season opening for fans of La Liga. The team that just came from the second division was firmly entrenched in the top half of the table and for a long time claimed for a place in the Europa League.

It is difficult to deny the fact that in this success a big role was played by the forwarding of the team 31-year-old Christian Stuani, who recorded 19 goals on his account throughout the season. The player did not catch stars from the sky and performed his work with full dedication, which allowed him to enter the top ten scorers in one of the most powerful football championships in the world.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018


Forever promising - called by fans of Valencia one of the attackers of their team. Rodrigo for a long time was considered a very good young player, but he could not get into one of the giants of football. On the other hand, he got to Valencia, where fans loved him and he began to please them with regular goals. In this season of La Liga Rodrigo put the ball into the net of the opponents 16 times in 36 games. Even with his not big growth, the forward became the main striking force of "Bats" this season, and their success is undeniably difficulty to imagine without this player.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

Maximiliano Gómez

There are a lot of rumours are gathered about the future of this young Uruguayan talented 21-year-old player. Maximiliano is the second player from Celta who appears in this list, and it is not just luck. In this year the player has proved that he is professionally enough to frighten the goalkeepers of adversaries. 16 goals in 35 games is a pretty good result for a young player. Moreover, it is very good if we will say that he is playing not in world-class teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid. In the duet with Iago Aspas, Maximiliano Gomez created an image of an unstoppable attacking force that could beat even club-giants with numerous stars in their squad.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

Gerard Moreno

A Spanish centre-forward from Espanyol is also sent the ball to the net 16 times during this season of La Liga. It took 37 matches for him to do that. Even though the Spain national team has an opportunity to choose from some high-class strikers, Gerard Moreno got to the list of the national team coach. His actions on the field are useful in 79% of situations. Moreover, this player realised every 3,2 of his shots what is almost a season record all over the season.

La Liga highest goal scorers in 2018

Gareth Bale

And on the tenth position, the world-famous Welsh is situated. He shares this position with two more football players - Carlos Bacca and Willian Jose. All three players have scored for 15 goals, but Gareth is on the tenth position because he needed for it 25 games, while the other two players appeared in the squad on the field more than 30 times this season. From year to year Bale proofs that he is a really important and skilled player.

Even though, there are a lot of rumours about his name and possible transfer coming summer. At the moment, the player is focused on the Champions League final. He wants to prove that he worth those funds paid for him a few years ago. One more thing to say is that he has a big chance to increase the number of goals scored this season in the last game in the championship this season.

So, here are the highest goal scorers in 2018. After the last tour of La Liga, some positions could change, but we think that this list could be final as the positions didn't change a lot after the last match-day in Spain.

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