Is it a crime for a Muslim man to get married to a Christian? - Twitter user seeks advice

Is it a crime for a Muslim man to get married to a Christian? - Twitter user seeks advice

Marriage is the union that joins two people who love each other together to start a family, but what happens when a man falls in love with someone who doesn't have the same beliefs as him?

It could be moral beliefs or religious beliefs which has been like the major barrier to marriages for a very long time. Love like they say conquers all, does this apply to religious beliefs?

What if love actually conquers religious beliefs, what about the family members of both parties? Because marriage isn't something that is done by just the parties in love, it is actually the union of two families.

A Nigerian Twitter user who is in a religious barrier marriage dilemma has taken to Twitter to seek advice on how to overcome this major problem that might come between two people in love.

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The Twitter user asked if it is a taboo for a Muslim man to marry a Christian lady. The user stated that the question was based on the fact that there is no family barrier holding the couple back.

"Is it a crime or a taboo for A Muslim man to get married to A Christian lady, without the family being a barrier? Should love come first before religion and Family? A friend of mine going through this and needs to be advised on what to do."

Nigerian Twitter users shared their views on the question. Many stated that love and happiness should come first over anything else.

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Others, however, stated that the religion is the most important factor. A Muslim user claimed that Islam supports it when a man brings home a Christian woman but it doesn't agree with a woman marrying a Christian man.

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