Latest Nigerian men's fashion

Latest Nigerian men's fashion

Men in Nigeria follow the fashion traditions and trends as much as women do. Every year Nigerian fashion offers something interesting and exclusive to the market. Let us see what the latest Nigerian men’s fashion trends in 2018 are.

Latest Nigerian men's fashion

Nigerian men fashion

Nigerian fashion is constantly developing. The country has many famous fashion designers (Soares Anthony, Mai Atafo, Yomi Casual, Mudi Africa to name a few) who present their clothing styles for women and men all across the world and within Nigeria.

When you take a look at Nigerian clothing for men, you will see elegance, allure and sensual styles that attract women’s attention and make their men or strangers look graceful and well-dressed.

The most popular Nigerian men’s fashion styles include:

  • Native attire (Igbo, Atiku, Yoruba)
  • Ankara clothing
  • Senator wears
  • Agbada clothing
  • Dashiki style

There are many other interesting Nigerian clothes for men that look unique if compared to men’s fashion from other countries. It is always better to enjoy fashion styles through photographs because words cannot describe all the incredible and native African details on men’s shirts, pants, and attires.

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Latest Nigerian men's fashion in 2018

Nigerian men’s fashion styles in 2018

Nigerian clothing for men is perfect for everyday wear and important events. Of course, fashion does change, but the main rules remain untouched.

For example, designers and fashionistas still love classic and traditional fabrics. Ankara, Atiku, and Guinea fabrics are still fashionable in 2018. Embroidery shirts and geometric lines still look creative and add individuality to the style.

1. Ankara styles

The best thing about using Ankara fabric in men’s fashion is the ability to make the style for everyday casual wearing or create complicated embroidered designs for the special event. Thus, Ankara style can still look elegant and fancy.

The 2018 Nigerian fashion shows a big variety of styles, from shirts and trousers to suits. One thing is for sure. Wearing Ankara style, you will catch everyone’s attention.

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Bright colours are always in fashion.

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Ankara latest styles

Colourful suits look even more impressive.

Ankara suits

2. Agbada styles

The fashion becomes very impressive when it comes to weddings and other celebrations and important ceremonies. Agbada styles are popular among Yoruba people, and fashion designers like to combine lace, Ankara, and other fabrics to create traditional male outfits.

What you see is the combination of elegance and stunning looks.

Agbada styles

Even in different colours, Agbada styles look amazing.

Latest Nigerian men's fashion 2018 Agbada wear

3. Senator wears

While the name of this mail style hints to ‘Senators,’ the style is loved by all men who value elegance, business style and comfortable classic suits in fashion.

Latest Nigerian men's fashion Senator wears

Classic grey and black colours are always fashionable.

Latest Nigerian men's fashion 2018 Senator style


Latest Nigerian men's fashion Senator wears in 2018

Latest Nigerian men's fashion Senator wears style 2018

4. Native and Dashiki styles

There are many other fresh, interesting and must-have male fashion clothing you can look at. They all are very impressive because native African styles look unforgettable, bright, and elegant.

Latest Nigerian men's fashion 2018 traditions

Interesting prints make Native styles stand out, for example, Danshiki.

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We hope this post inspires you to wear outfits from Nigerian fashion styles for men. With the wide variety of designs offered, you need simply to find the style that fits your taste.

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