When is Ramadan fasting starting and ending in 2018?

When is Ramadan fasting starting and ending in 2018?

Ramadan 2018 is observed from mid-May until mid-June. Millions of people from all over the world who celebrate this holy month agree to fast from dawn to sunset. Just in case you do not know the exact dates, and wish to know the answer to the question: ‘When is Ramadan fasting starting and ending in 2018?’ We are here to refresh this information in your mind.

When is Ramadan fasting starting and ending in 2018?

When is Ramadan starting?

The holy holiday lasts for a whole month. It is a holy 9th month in the Islamic calendar, which represents the honor to Allah and the Quran.

This year Ramadan is celebrated from May 15th till June 14th. Ramadan 2018 is not only about prayers, forgiving, support, and self-discipline. It is also about fasting for the whole month of the celebration.

Ramadan fasting starting and ending dates in 2018

Ramadan 2018 fasting

Since Ramadan is observed in many countries across the world, there is a major difference in time between different corners of the planet, and the duration of Ramadan fasting can vary.

Usually, Ramadan fasting lasts from dawn to sunset. Still, this can be different timing, depending on the territory location because dawn and sunset happen at different times across the globe. Sometimes, fast can last for 15 hours. Sometimes it can last for up to 21 hours in a row.

Some people who are not familiar with Islam culture and traditions might think that Ramadan fasting is a difficult challenge that makes people stay hungry all day and night long. However, this is not so. Let us understand what fasting really means for Nigerians and other Muslim people from other parts of the world.

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When is Ramadan fasting starting and ending in 2018? Meals allowed

Meals allowed during Ramadan fasting

There are two main meals you can eat at dawn and after sunset. They are:

  • Suhoor
  • Iftar

Suhoor has several names. It can be called Suhur or Sahur, but no matter how you spell its name, it would still mean the meal you can eat at dawn. It happens before Muslims pray early in the morning, and this has to be healthy, energetic, and nutritious meal (not spicy) to lead you through the day of fasting. You are also advised to drink much water to guide you through the long day of fasting.

Iftar can also be called Fatoor. This is the fasting meal you can consume in the evening before your sunset prayer. It can be spicy, delicious, tasty and it is better to drink as much as you can to feed your body with water and not only food to make it for the day. By the way, it often happens that Iftar turns into a community meal when Muslims gather together and have this dinner in a circle of friends or as a charity event.

Overall it is necessary to avoid drinking and eating during the day, for as much as you can. Still, real fasting for Ramadan is only allowed to healthy people. Pregnant women, children, and ill Muslims have a different schedule for their daily meals.

Besides following the fasting tradition, people who observe Ramadan 2018 should be respectful, tell only truth, be polite, stay away from all the bad behavior, speak less and pray more. The major idea of this religious month is to show how much you really care about your family, friends, and other people. Real happiness will come as an award at the end of the holy month.

P.S. The first day of the next tenth month (June 15th) of the Islamic calendar is called Shawwal. It is the Eid al Fitr holiday that stops the fasting and symbolizes the end of Ramadan.

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