Heartbroken oyinbo lady lost N173m to 3 African love scammers

Heartbroken oyinbo lady lost N173m to 3 African love scammers

- A heartbroken woman who was scammed online has called on women to warn about the dangers of cyber love

- The woman revealed that she was scammed by three African lovers online

- She also stated that she was guilty of buying love online. The grandma even sold her home to transfer money to a lover

An Australian grandmother identified simply as Suzie has cried out to warm women against the dangers of cyber love. The woman revealed that she was scammed for $480,000 (N173m) by three different online lovers who pretended to care for her.

In a interview, Suzie who reflected on her past mistakes, stated that she had been gullible and brainwashed. She noted that at the time all she was trying to do was buy love.

According to her. she sold her home and parted with close to half a million dollars just to keep on transferring money to her romantic partners. She said: "Maybe that's what I was doing: buying love, when I think back now I think that's what I was doing."

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Heartbroken oyinbo lady lost N173m to 3 African love scammers Photo source: DailyMail

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Suzie shared the story of how she began dating and transfering money tao all three men, some of who pretended to be someone else.

Her first online lover was a man who called himself David Fisher, a charming British gentleman, by all online appearances. She stated that David sweet-talked his way into gaining access to her bank account so that he could buy a laptop.

The man left her after she lost her father's $76,000 (N27,360,000) inheritance before disappearing.

Another man appeared in her life pretending to be an American Taliban-fighting soldier by the name of Johnson Williams. She sold her house to send money to Johnson.

She said: "I went along with it because I felt: 'Wow, I have actually got somebody in my life now, and I'm committed to this man."

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Suzie explained that he turned out to be a scam artist from Ghana and after Suzie's bank looked into his transactions, it was discovered that five other women were also giving him money.

The third time she was scammed by a man named Godfrey Kyzungo from Uganda. The two met on Facebook and she went to Uganda to marry him before she started sending him money.

online scam

Suzie tied the knot with Godfrey Photo source: DailyMail

She revealed that she later discovered that Godfrey married her simply for her money and an opportunity to move to Australia. Suzie expressed that she plans to annull her marriage to Godfrey.

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