Full meaning of USB port in computer

Full meaning of USB port in computer

There are a lot of ports on our computers, not all people even know what are their functions. So, in this article, we will tell you what is the meaning of USB port. You will find out the advantages and features of these means of connection.

Full meaning of USB in computer

What is the full meaning of USB?

Here we have all the necessary information about USB, this kind of port has become universal and most practical among all other kinds of computer ports. Today all the manufacturers of cameras, printers and other devices produce their products with the ability of connection through a USB port. The full meaning of USB is Universal Serial Bus.

The length of USB cable can be not more than four meters, longer cable negatively affects the transmitted signal. The development of USB specifications conducts at USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). The first specifications of USB 1.0 were introduced in 1995. Such corporations as Microsoft, Intel, US Robotics, Philips supported the development of USB port.

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Full meaning of USB in computer

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USB port expands the functionality of your computer, and it is easy to use, these are the main reasons for the popularity of USB among all computer manufacturers.

Here we have the main advantages of USB port on the computer

  • Prevalence - the manufacturers of many devices have realized the importance of a single standard of ports on all modern computers, even laptops necessarily have USB ports. The choice of USB devices is huge.
Full meaning of USB in computer
  • Simplicity - USB devices can be turned on and off while the computer is running. Many devices do not require a driver for their work, the operating systems themselves determine the type of device and can work with them without any additional software. Now, computer manufacturers are trying to simplify the access to USB ports.
  • High bandwidth - USB devices are able to exchange computer data quickly. You can copy movies and music from a USB flash drive in several times faster than from a CD/DVD drive.
  • Powering devices with energy - the computer's USB port is able not only to serve as a bridge for data transmission, but it can energize other devices.

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How does USB computer work?

If you connect the device through USB port for the first time, the operating system detects it automatically, and if possible installs the driver. Moreover, the later version of the operating system you have, the more likely it will correctly determine your device. The drivers themselves are in the operating system.

Direct exchange between devices is possible only by special technologies. The computer realizes a connection.

What about USB classification?

Full meaning of USB in computer
  • USB 1.0 - the model of 1995. The maximum speed of data transfer is 12 Mbit/s.
  • USB 1.1 the model of 1998, it is considered as an outdated standard. Unpretentious devices can work through the old USB ports, but the speed will be low, although it is acceptable for the keyboard and mouse.
  • USB 2.0 the model of 200. The maximum speed of data transfer is 25-480 Mbit/s. It is the most common format now. The speed in comparison with the standard USB 1.1 has grown significantly.
  • USB 3.0 the model of 2008. The maximum speed of data transfer is 600 Mbit/s. The speed and convenience will be increased.

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Full meaning of USB in computer
  • USB 3.1 the model of 2013. The maximum speed of data transfer is 10 Gbps. The product is still not widely distributed. USB 3.1 devices are expected to fill the market in the coming years.
  • USB 3.2 It is the standard of the future. There is just a preliminary version of a new model. The maximum speed of data transfer is 20 Gbps.

There are three types of connector: Type A, Type B, Type C

Full meaning of USB in computer

It seems that the USB port is not going to lose the position of the most convenient and common means for connecting various devices with a computer.

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