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Nigerian lady gets stranded at a restaurant after ordering what she can’t pay for

Nigerian lady gets stranded at a restaurant after ordering what she can’t pay for

- A Nigerian lady was left stranded on a date after she ordered what she could not pay for

- The lady ordered a meal of N11,800 on a date with a guy who refused to pay for the meal

First dates are quiet important when it comes to building a relationship. Once upon a time men are generally perceived to pay the bills but these days, any one could sort the bill.

A recent date situation has caused discussions on social media after the lady bit more than she could chew.

A young Nigerian man who decided to test a lady to find out what her reaction would be if he asked her to pay for a meal has narrated the story of how he left the lady stranded at a restaurant.

The unidentified man revealed that the lady had ordered N11,800 meal while he ordered a meal of N3,450. He explained that he told the lady to pay for the meal because he had forgotten his Automated Teller Machine card at home.

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According to him, the lady immediately got angry, asking him how he expects her to pay for the meal. He stated he immediately called the waiter, paid for his meal and left her at the restaurant to pay for hers.

He further revealed that she called him after he left apologising for her behaviour. He explained that she claimed that she doesn't have enough money to pay for her meal.

The young man who stated that his budget for every date is always N50,000, advised women not to order for things they are unable to pay for on dates.

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