Best maternity hospital in Nigeria - Top 5

Best maternity hospital in Nigeria - Top 5

Having a baby on the board is a great responsibility for every parent. Maternity hospitals in Lagos Nigeria are the best in the country! Let’s take a look at top 10 hospitals where you will like to bring your baby!

Best maternity hospital in Nigeria!

Top 5 maternity hospitals in Lagos

5. Lagos Island Maternity Hospital

Best maternity hospital in Nigeria!

It’s considered to be one of the oldest hospitals in Nigeria. The location of the hospital is very safe. It’s estimated that hospital has over 200 beds and 30 cots. It’s considered to be one of the best facilities for bringing your child as it has recovery rooms, labor room, emergency theatre facilities, intensive care units, and theaters.

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4. Lagoon Hospital

This medical institution was founded in 1986. For now, it’s the flagship hospital in Nigeria with one of the best maternity care units. The hospital is a pioneer in advance medical care, and it’s also a part of the large group provided for the highest standards of service and professionalism. This hospital is equipped to perform various types of services.

The hospital provides the comprehensive care for women at every stage of pregnancy. It includes diagnosis and management of the reproductive system of women. The prenatal clinic is one of the centers for innovative group care. Therefore, Lagoon hospital can be considered the best hospital Lagos for today.

3. Reddington Hospital

It’s one of the newest hospitals in Nigeria. It was established in 2001 in the association of the renewed Cromwell Hospital situated in London. Nevertheless, prenatal care here is quite costly. At the same time, you will be provided with one of the best services.

You can also try to pay extra to have the separate room for your pregnant wife. The services provided in this clinic can be named state of the art, but it also comes with a high price. Nevertheless, the clinic meets the standards not only the Nigerian hospitals but also European standards.

2. Saint Nicholas Hospital

This hospital is considered to be in top maternity hospitals in Lagos. The hospital has experienced staff with various types of pregnancy from the straightforward to more complicated cases. The clinic has a comprehensive antenatal care package that can be individualized and focused directly on the patient. Therefore, the service can be quite unique for every patient.

The hospital provides the highest standards for the care of women, their children and families. The care is individualized for special needs. It also offers health education classes that can be useful for both partners. The clinic also provides follow up visits to ensure care and safety of mothers and their children.

1. Britannia Hospital

It’s a prestigious hospital which is located in Lekki. This private hospital is modeled according to the standards of the United Kingdom hospitals. Therefore, you will feel like you have visited one of the biggest Great Britain hospitals.

It’s a private clinic, and the cost of the services here is not cheap. Nevertheless, it provides one of the best services for future mothers. The clinic provides constant healthcare surveillance for mother and child.

When you choose the hospital in Lagos, you need to be careful about the services that some of the clinics provide. Hopefully, the above-mentioned clinics have no problems with providing care, support, and services to its patients. Still, it’s advised to visit them first and speak with doctors before you make a decision which clinic you may choose for your baby.

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