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How to track MoneyGram transfer online

How to track MoneyGram transfer online

Each user of Moneygram should know how to track Moneygram transfer status online. It’s important to find out the basic rules of proper transaction tracking and its picking up. Today we are going to look into the matter.

How to track MoneyGram transfer online

How to check MoneyGram transfer status online?

MoneyGram provides an easy and simple sending cash. The process of transferring tracking is also elementary. You shouldn’t have some special skills to do it. The MoneyGram money tracking is possible and available at any time convenient for you. Just follow the next steps.

Log into your account

This is the first step you should make. To start go directly to the website. And as you do that, you will find the link at the top right “Sign In." Then click on this link and enter your unique username and password to get your transaction data on MoneyGram. If there is no your own account on the website, it will be created automatically within the process of transferring.

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Find the My Account Screen

Using this screen you can look through your “Recent Activity”. Here are all the transfers that were sent by you through the MoneyGram. You can find the information about receiver and date of transferring. To look through the history of transactions of a specific person, just click on his/her name.

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Find the right reference number

Please note, if one person has got two or more MoneyGram transfers from you, each of them is available in your history. Look through it carefully. In order to choose a necessary transfer easily and right, just find the confirmation number from your transaction receipt or stub. Then conform these data with the same number on the computer screen. After the right transaction was determined, find all necessary details under the “status” section.

Find out a meaning of each status

If you are in the status section, you should see one of the few status descriptors. They help to indicate the current status of your money transfer. The descriptor “Pending ” means that the funding source for transferring is still verifying for authenticity. Usually, it appears right after beginning of a transfer.

If you see the status “In Process”, it means that it has been approved but your money is still being transmitted in an electronic way and for now can’t be withdrawn. If the words “Payment Complete” are written, your transferring is available but has not yet been claimed. As a result, you should see the words “Picked Up”. It means that the money has been claimed.

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This is everything you should do to check transfer status online. These simple steps will help you to use MoneyGram and track a transfer easy and quickly. If you have some problems or questions regarding to your transfers, contact directly using their contact form.

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