How to receive Ria Money Transfer in Nigeria

How to receive Ria Money Transfer in Nigeria

Does your family or business have interests outside the country? This is understandable that you need effective and easy-to-use platform to receive money from another country. There are a lot of popular international money transfer services in Nigeria: Western Union Money Transfer, MoneyGram, Lebara Money, Azimo International Money Transfer and, of course, Ria Money Transfer, which is becoming increasingly popular. In this article we represent you how to engage financial transactions with Ria.

How to receive Ria Money Transfer in Nigeria

RIA Money Transfer in Nigeria

RIA Money is the third largest money transfer service in the world. This company is working in 144 countries with 314,000 locations. RIA Money Transfer provides not only easy-to-use money transfers, but also bill payments, mobile recharge, debit card services, money orders and tracking.

Nigerian banks like Diamond Bank, First Bank, Skye Bank and Ecobank represent RIA Money Transfer Nigeria. So it is easy to send or recieve money into their local department.

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How to receive Ria Money Transfer in Nigeria

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Benefits of RIA Money Transfer

  • RiaMoney Transfer is convenient service;
  • Its charges are affordable with no hidden charges;
  • Ria customers don’t need to identify themselves.

How to receive RIA money transfer in Nigeria

If you want to send money with RIA, you need to register an account online. You can get this done just visiting RIA online. After registration and authorization, you need to choose how much you need to send and calculate exchanged money.

There are three payment methods: it can be bank account, debit or credit card. This is the way the money will be sent to the consignee`s account. Also you can easily track your transaction till the money reaches the recipient.

Also it is possible to do offline. You can visit Diamond Bank, First Bank or Skye Bank departments or any RIA cash point, the procedure is very simple for receiving. When the money sent to you at the cash points, you will be required to proof your identity via any of your Nigerian national identity card, driver`s license or international passport. Also you need to provide the pin you have been given by the sender. In addition, you have to tell them the amount of transaction the sender is sending to you.

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RIA Money Transfer is also perfect way to receive money from across the world. This service has a big amount of cash points. RIA Money represents easy-to-use service. Therefore it is a good choice to transfer your funds.

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