How I got my inspiration from heartbreak - Adekunle Gold

How I got my inspiration from heartbreak - Adekunle Gold

Top Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold has for the first time spoken about what inspired him into doing music.

For many musicians, love led them to music but for Adekunle Gold, heartbreak opened up his heart to writing his beautiful lyrics which has somehow crept into the minds of all who listens to him.

Speaking in a recent interview with showtime, Adekunle said he was heartbroken when he discovered that his ex-lover had another lover while she was also in a relationship with him.

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Such an occurrence can be very severe depending on the individuals involved and how they handle disappointments.

“My most painful love experience would be dating a girl that had a boyfriend and I did not know. It’s actually the reason I wrote ‘Nurse Alabere", in my new album”, he said.

Unlike some men who would resort to playing games after such a heart-rending experience, Adekunle Gold has found love again and he is proud to affirm that she is the very understanding type who has found a way to cope with his celebrity status.

“Yes I have a girlfriend and she is the understanding type”, he said.

Recall that Adekunle Gold was once rumoured to be dating fellow Simi after which the duo came out to debunk the rumour claiming to just be ordinary friends.

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