Nigeria international passport requirements

Nigeria international passport requirements

Requirements to getting a Nigerian international passport is the first thing every Nigerian citizen should know if he or she is into traveling abroad for the first time. An international passport is a document that helps other countries recognize you and allow you the entrance to their territory. Here and now you will learn how to get international passport without problems.

Nigeria international passport requirements

How to apply for a Nigerian international passport

It doesn’t matter whether you are leaving the country for a weekend or for several years. In any case, you need an international document that’s recognized on all the borders in the world and is valid for all countries. If you still don’t have such a passport, you need one right now.

Nigeria international passport requirements

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As a rule, the process of obtaining different documents is somewhat complicated and long. In a situation with an international passport, it can be very long and exhausting for you. Below, you will find useful recommendations on how to make the process easier for you and avoid excess stress.

One of the best things you can do to avoid much stress before the foreign adventure is to apply for the passport in advance. What’s more, this should better be done well in advance because the process is long and nobody can actually make it quicker in any way. It could be a pity if you have to delay your trip or cancel it because your international passport is not ready yet.

Nigeria international passport requirements

One of the benefits Nigerian citizens already have is their ability to travel around 15 West Africa states with the help of their ECOWAS passports. However, an international passport is not the same with ECOWAS because it gives more freedom and helps travel further than West Africa.

You can apply for the international passport online. The process of applying online is not complicated and you will hardly get lost in it or take a wrong turn. However, you must remember that the process of applying for a Nigerian international passport is available for Nigerian citizens only.

Nigeria international passport requirements

When you apply for an international passport, you need to remember that there are two types of such passports in Nigeria. Regular ones with green covers are given to all common citizens of Nigeria. The so-called official ones with blue covers are given only to official persons who represent the government or do diplomatic services outside Nigeria.

In addition to this, you should remember that there are two main size formats of Nigerian international passports. Common travelers, students who are going to study abroad and other non-frequent travelers will receive a passport that contains 32 pages.

Nigeria international passport requirements

On the other hand, if you need to travel abroad often because of your business or other services or even in case you just love traveling abroad, you can choose the 64-page passport. It will save you a lot of time because you will need to replace your used passport with a new one less often.

Requirements for an international passport in Nigeria

Once you reach the Immigration Service of Nigeria, you will need the following.

From minors (under 18 years):

  • A properly filled out application form
  • One photo of a passport format (signed by the child’s parents)
  • The child’s birth certificate
  • The document that confirms the child’s parents are Nigerian citizens
  • The permission given by both parents (in case one parent cannot be reached, the court should issue a special order)
  • The document that proves payment made

For adopted children, it’s necessary to provide a special court order together with a letter of approval from a respective ministry.

Nigeria international passport requirements

From adults (more than 18):

  • A properly filled out application form
  • Two photos of a passport format
  • Birth certificate
  • The document that proves payment
  • An ID letter from the officials of the local government
  • A properly filled out Guarantor’s form (it’s also necessary to attach a photocopy of the Guarantor’s Nigerian passport and one photo of the Guarantor)
  • Marriage certificate (if the person is married)
  • The document that confirms the name change (if the person has changed the name)

There can be changes to the passport requirements so, please, check everything out carefully on the official website of the Nigerian Immigration Service.

Further international passport application guidelines

You won’t be able to receive the passport free of charge. The process costs money and here’s how much you will need to pay for this document:

  • Children and teenagers up to 17 years old can receive their passports for N10,750 (the cost of the booklet N8,750 and the cost of the address verification N2,000)
  • People between 18 and 59 years old can receive their passports for N17,000 (the cost of the booklet N15,000 and the cost of the address verification N2,000)
  • Seniors who are elder than 60 can receive their passports for N10,750 (the cost of the booklet N8,750 and the cost of the address verification N2,000)
Nigeria international passport requirements

A 64-page passport will cost N22,000 for all the age categories (the cost of the booklet N20,000 and the cost of the address verification N2,000). Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change. Check the pricing information in the Nigeria Immigration Service.

To apply for an international passport online, you need to visit the official Immigration Service portal and complete the following requirements:

  • Choose the type of the passport that you need
  • Choose the processing country
  • Fill out the provided application form
  • Provide scanned copies of the required documents
  • Choose the payment method that you like most of all
  • Submit when the payment is made
  • Save the Reference Number and Application ID they will give you
  • Print out the provided form for the Guarantor and get it certified
  • Take all the documents personally to the passport office of your choice

If you choose to apply offline, with the help of a special agency that’s available in Nigeria, you need to keep in mind the following: the process will last for a long time, you will need to appear in the passport office anyway, and sometimes your documents may be lost.

Even though agencies that work with international passports are legal, there are agents who are far from being completely honest and you may lose money, too. Applying online is the way out if you want to know how to receive a Nigerian international passport easily.

Nigeria international passport requirements

Indeed, if you apply for your international passport online, they will process your information for about 48 hours and then your passport will be processed further and you won’t need any connections with the officials at the Immigration Service to speed up your process.

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