The longest river in the world

The longest river in the world

Can you name the longest river in the world right away? I know it, we all have studied in high schools, and many of us have graduated from colleges and universities. Still, we often forget such interesting facts because the knowledge we do not need in our everyday life is easily forgotten. Let us recollect what the longest river in the world is called.

The longest river in the world

What is the longest river in the world?

Before we tell you what the longest river in the world is, we should recollect some important facts. Big rivers have multiple sources. They boast a huge number of tiny, middle and huge tributaries. In other words, the task of figuring out which river is the longest one on our planet is very complicated.

There are two main competitors for this. Some people would tell you that the Nile is the longest river on the globe. Others would assure you that it is Amazon. Who is right?

Is Nile or Amazon the longest river on the planet?

The longest river in the world Nile

The longest river in the world is called…

Let’s look at each of the two longest rivers and also mention a couple of other water systems that are extremely long. We think it is better to describe 3 longest rivers (considered so by the United States Geological Survey shortly called USGS) to show you because this way you’ll have an idea how the one that places third is different from number one and two.

1. African River Nile

All Nigerians probably know this longest river called the Nile. It is not only the main source of water in Egypt but also it is important to many other African countries. The Nile is very long. It runs through the territories of 11 African countries.

This river is over 4 miles long. However, since we are trying to determine the longest river, it is necessary to note the full known length, which is 4.132 miles, as reported by USGS.

The longest river in the world Amazon

2. Amazon River

While this is actually the world’s largest river, it is often also called the longest one. It is indeed long and rich in sources and tributaries. It is believed to originate somewhere in Peru and going through several other rivers before getting to its main stem (Apurimac) and finally into the Atlantic Ocean. Still, USGS has considered the river begins with the Apurimac headwater.

Thus, its length is approximately 4,000 miles. However, if this length is extended up to Peru, it is around 4.3 miles, which is longer than Nile River in Africa.

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The longest river in the world Yangtze

3. The Yangtze River

We have to mention this long river to give you an idea how Nile and Amazon are way longer. The Yangtze is located in Asia. It is absolutely the longest river in China and Asia, but it is not the longest one in the world right now.

Its full length is around 3.917 miles. This is less than the size of Amazon and Nile. However, you can notice that the difference is not that huge.

As you can see, the longest river in the world is either Nile or Amazon. Everything depends on how their length was measured. Besides, we have to consider the climate changes that go on in the world as it can influence the lengths of the rivers on our planet and change this rank in the future.

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