NUC benchmark minimum academic standards

NUC benchmark minimum academic standards

National University Commission has developed NUC benchmark minimum academic standards for all the higher educational institutions that teach Nigerians. It is curious to explore what these benchmark standards are like for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Are you also interested in this information? Keep reading and explore the cool educational facts.

NUC benchmark minimum academic standards

Minimum Academic Standards (MAS)

The academic standards are now the same for all the universities in the country. NUC (National University Commission) got the right to create the minimum academic standards since the 1980s. At first, this organization collaborated with higher educational institutions to come up with the set of rules, and such documents were officially approved back in 1989. They were called MAS or minimum academic standards.

Later, NUC understood how important it was to revise MAS because of all the changes and new data added to courses and disciplines studied by students all across the country. This idea helped developing benchmark standards that are the outcome- and not content-based. It’s a common practice for many countries worldwide, including Nigeria.

NUC benchmark minimum academic standards for postgraduate programmes

NUC benchmark for postgraduate programmes

This official document usually takes over a hundred pages. It is available as PDF, and anyone who is interested to read the goals, objectives, list of accredited courses along with the requirements to all Nigerian universities are welcome to read these educational standards based on the higher educational institution they choose.

  • You can view and download the example of NUC benchmark for postgraduate programmes at Covenant University here.

The main idea of the NUC benchmark for postgraduate programmes offered by all the higher education institutions in Nigeria is to provide such level of knowledge that helps each person to understand the current social issues across the country and in the world, learn how to analyze information, stay patriotic, disciplined, and hardworking, etc.

The document outlines the admission requirements, duration and areas of specialization of each programme taught to postgraduate students, including social statistics, economics, geography, mass communication, international relations, psychology, political science, sociology, and all other courses offered by the university.

It provides the academic standards, educational resources and admission rules to all postgraduate, masters, doctorate programmes. It also mentions the structure of courses, accreditation process, and university facilities.

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NUC benchmark minimum academic standards for undergraduate programmes

Benchmark minimum academic standards for undergraduate programmes in Nigerian universities

This document lists all the disciplines taught at the particular university for undergraduate students. It outlines the primary objectives and philosophy of each course along with the student’s admission rules and the programme’s duration.

It also provides the rules for choosing resources, requirements for evaluation lists all degree disciplines and provides other standards for the alma mater.

  • All students, teachers, and families can find the full version of the benchmark MAS for undergraduate courses offered at Covenant University here.

These are the examples of official academic standards introduced by NUC to all Nigerian universities. They cover both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and provide a set of legal rules, requirements and detailed description of each accredited course, admission and graduation procedure, offers the term definition and general objectives of the disciplines.

Remember that each university in Nigeria has its own set of NUC benchmark MAS that depends on the programme offered by the higher educational institution. You can visit your preferred alma mater website and find this document on their site or at the administration. It will provide the standards for that particular university’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In our post, we have provided you with the link to the NUC benchmark for Covenant University just as an example.

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