Opinion: A note to lazy youth by a 'lazy' Buharist by Muhammad Malumfashi

Opinion: A note to lazy youth by a 'lazy' Buharist by Muhammad Malumfashi

Editor's note: Muhammad Malumfashi a self-acclaimed lazy Buharist has analysed the different reaction from the 'lazy' Nigerian youth comment made by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Malumfashi in this piece agrees with the president that the Nigerian youth is lazy.

Large part of those lazy youth are to Buhari’s political advantage, and people like him who have ruled Nigeria for some time are the reason these Nigerians have not been to school.

If a University lecturer made the statement that Nigeria's youth are mostly lazy and good-for-nothing, one wouldn't have bothered at all.

Sorry he didn’t call the youth, he only said they sit and expect everything for free from Government. Anyway, that coming from President Buhari will go down as one the all-time political blunders in history considering that we are a year to elections.

Recently he described Nigerians as impatient, because they believe he is too slow, before then he said so many damage our image internationally.

If you are a die-hard Buharist who may try as much as possible to take yourself out of the classification because you have probably benefited from one of the secret and nepotistic recruitment, or at least hoping for that to happen, I quite understand you, the economy is hard.

For the Talaka out there who till this time believes Baba Buhari is the Messiah, he's deeply heartbroken.

For Buhari to campaign on the shoulders of these people and only turn to them after over seven million Nigerians lost their jobs under his watch and label lot of them as lazy, oops (misquoted) 'sit and do nothing' youth is beyond me.

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But aren't we that lazy? Aren't we the same folks that shout Sai Baba when he is in our city even while on fuel queues? Aren't we the same people that waited for over 12 hours just to make sure he gets elected?

The big kids who weren't that lazy only appeared at the last days of campaigns. Aren't we the same jobless people who stood all day and night for his elections? Aren't we the same sets of people that filled stadiums when he set his toes even on Mondays?

Aren’t we the same people that go to airports to receive him in the early morning of Abuja and Kaduna?

We wanted everything for free? This is coming from the same man who illiterate laborers contributed their lazily-earned N100 for his campaigns, they pitied their former Oil Minister had no money for campaigns. That guts! Buhari was wrong? No, he’s always right, he’s Mai Gaskiya.

How dare you lazily sit at home and ask for free education when you are not Germany (Sorry West Germany). How dare you ask for free health care because you have oil at the backyard, this is Nigeria not UAE or Sweden.

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In this country when the un-lazy ones have accidents on "Okada", they are treated at the best private hospitals then taken abroad for checkup and received well by our hardworking Ministers at the airport as Lassa fever continue to kill the lazy sons.

The last time Buhari went out he said Nigerians are damaging our reputations abroad, he forgot to mention those sweating hard to make us proud out.

This time around he said lot of us are lazy, he was so lazy he couldn't remember the 'few' who have been to school and working hard to make ends meet. He should have further tell the audience how his Government has improved education sector and helped business.

I heard Theresa May commended him like Bill Gates did for improving education. The timing, person and the event were all wrong here.

When Indian PM negotiated some good deals for his citizens in the UK, South African counterpart also got some deal for his country students, Baba decided to tell our In-laws how bad we are, what a beautiful engagement.

From 1983 to 2018, I ask how many classrooms and schools has Buhari build for the lazy uneducated Nigerians.

What’s the budget for education Nigeria? How has he set up a good business atmosphere for our brothers and sisters who now sell kunun aya, cakes, Zobo, shoes, kilishi, yaji, atamfa, caps, since Government can no longer employ lazy people who haven't been to school?

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The lazy Nigerians aren't that happy and have started to ask so many questions. My N-Power tablet can't type more than this...

As for me sai Baba har 2031, you people are angry because Baba is fighting corruption.

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